By the Rivers of Babylon (Psalm 137:4)

Gonna tell God

It is not a question of a Syrian, or Palestinian, Israeli, or the Child of ANY particular country. Children, Women, Innocents, People Entirely Unconnected with whatever grievance might have happened, are Dying, Thus Cruelly, All over the World.

The Israelites had been settled on the Banks of the rivers of Babylon. Their Land had been devastated, their fields had been plundered long ago, and even their Single Temple had been Destroyed. Israel is one of the Very Small Nations, and one of the Much Persecuted ones. Its people are a very Homogenous group. Thus, when they had been told by their captors to sing one their songs, they had said: “Just How can We sing when our Land is in Ruins, and our People are living as Slaves?” That is the sense of Psalm 137:4. And the famous song, ‘By the Rivers of Babylon,’ is based on this.

In this Song/Psalm, We have had a very good example of How We should Care, about our Situations, and People.



APATHY is Mankind’s Biggest Sin. And the Mother of All Sins. It is Because man does not Care that he loots, rapes and wages wars. We Cannot, at the Same time, be Apathetic, and Say that We Love.


Akriti has written Well on this, too. Graphic used from her post.

9 thoughts on “By the Rivers of Babylon (Psalm 137:4)”

  1. Yes, it’s an age-old problem that, whatever transpires this time around in Gaza, will never be settled in my opinion. I spent many months in Israel and Gaza around the time of the First Intifada back in ’87, and well remember how ridiculous the situation was. Palestinians were treated like dirt on the shoe by many Israeli’s, which, whilst deplorable, was, as you intimate, partly as a result of their prolonged persecution over the centuries. Whilst some, on both sides, will preach tolerance, most I fear have this deepset fear and hatred of the ‘other side’, and no matter what political shenanigans transpire, the root situation will remain. But as you rightly point out, it’s the innocents that sadly pay the price.


    1. Thank You, Spike, for that. All Very True. But I always want to go one step beyond that.

      My point is, that Opinion is Formed, not only by Experience, but also, and much, by Opinion formers. Like politicos and religious leaders. We cannot expect much from the politicos. They are openly out for money and things. But what about the R leaders?

      AND the general public, the Voters. Everybody chooses to Look on, pass a comment at the Breakfast Table, and that is it.

      More Action is Needed.


  2. This is very true. In these days – they call it Kaliyug – we only care about grabbing. We don’t really care about what we do to others…


    1. My Dear Rajiv, Thank You for the response. Yet, if We are to go by the thought that it is Kal(i) yug, the ages of machines is not too old. Whereas Man’s oppression of man, his Uncaringness for Others, Wars and Atrocities, are Ages Old.

      We don’t really Care, that is the point.


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