Happy National Nude Day – July 14th

Sharing an Old joke: Three fellows were on Survival training for the Desert. Asked what they would take along, to keep cool, one of the them said: a Car Door. …He merely had to let down the Window to get some Breeze!


On the Other hand, Nudity, as a means of Keeping Cool, seems to be Bad Science. Those in the Hottest Countries Cover themselves Up, Fully!





July 14th is National Nude Day! WHAT???? Yes, it’s true!!!

National Nude Day is a way to keep cool on a hot , sticky summer day. Nudist groups around the world celebrate this holiday and take it quite seriously! Nudist’s are not perverts…even though their desire to go “au natural” might be offensive to the conservative population! Nudist’s are individuals who believe the human body is most beautiful in their natural state. Whether or not you agree with them, nudist’s encourage people to strut their stuff.

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