Okayama Waterway, Japan

Waterways! What a Beautiful word used! To come to more serious things, ours, called merely Canals, are not drying up, but Dried Up. It seems We have to ‘Look’ at pictures of Water in Tamil Nadu in India.

Tamil Nadu is forever at War with Kerala and Karnataka in particular, complaining that it is not getting Waters from there.

But, in the case of Karnataka, they cleaned up and deepened their ponds, and worked on conserving Water. Whereas in TN, thousands of Bodies of Water like ponds were filled up, canals narrowed and then filled up, to raise …buildings.

Horrifyingly, this is also one of the Reasons for So many buildings ‘Falling.’ They have been built on such places.

All in all, a Most Shameful to-do on the part of the Tamil Nadu Administration, in particular, that of jayalalitha.

chennai building collaps


chennai building collapse


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