I am Perplexed!

Even two years ago, I had not known what a Blog was! I had some very hazy ideas about web pages. I had thought that You create a web page, and add to it from to time, maybe even once in six months or a year, if at all. People told me that a Blog was just like those w-ps, only You Kept Writing in these. I had a look see at some blogs, saw their Archives listed, and Trembled! Whatever could Anybody have to keep writing like that, I had wondered.

As I was floundering around, I found that creating a Blog was easier than a w-p. As I kept reading up on these, particularly on suggestions given by WordPress and Blogger, etc, I was told that Blogging is All about Community. Or maybe like Family! Slowly that made sense to me.

Living my dream of being a full-time Dad s

Photo from Internet. Actually, for me, this is one of the Loveliest pictures of a Family, though the Mother is missing. Or is She the one with the Camera? Anyway.

I did see that Bloggers had an Easy Rapport between them. I took this to Heart. But wait, did I not start with Perplexity? Well, here it comes.

Even when I go to Your ‘About’ pages, or refer to Your Gravatar, I do not always get Your Names! I am like Thomas Aquinas! Hehe! But only in One aspect. I too believe. That We are a Community. Family, even. But,

How am I supposed to address You, Folks, if I can’t even have Your Names? 

Please do something about this, and Unperplex me! Let it be that when We write-in our comments, We Address one another by Name.

As for me, You may call me Swami, Baba or Yesudas. I prefer Baba! It stands for Grandfather, father or even a small Boy! Regards and Love.


  1. What a beautiful, peaceful and love-filled page. I have just found your corner of the internet and I think it’s great. I have followed and hope to be in touch with you! My little corner of the internet is also to try to spread happiness, harmony, positivity, peace and Love. If you don’t mind, I will also call you Baba! Here in Chile the grandfathers are affectionately called “Tata” – similar 🙂 My name is Zachary and I am happy to ‘meet’ you. Will be in touch! Take care and have a blessed day!! 🙂


    • Thank You, Zachary, for those lovely words! Happy to meet You too. Just visited Your site and went through ‘Stay Thankful.’ Good. Sure, Call me Baba! In Tamil Nadu, in South India, grandfathers are called ‘Thaathaa’ too! Affectionate Regards.


  2. It’s nice to meet you Baba! 🙂 Now something interesting: in my native language (Bosnian) baba means grandma, some people call their dad babo.


    • Thank You for writing. And, You, Naughty You, You make Us go through a lot to find our Your name! Anyway, have memorized Yours, Sibella! And thanks for all that info on baba. I quite enjoyed learning that grand ‘ma’s’ are called baba in Bosnia! Love and Regards.


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