A Balancing Dog!


dog balancing

Came across this picture in Facebook just today.

Much to Appreciate in this. The Dog’s sheer Skill in Balancing like this. It’s Courage. Even its Trust in its master who must have trained him for a long time for this.

But for me, it is Never enough just to give one ‘like’ or something and to pass on.

We know Nothing about the owner of this Dog. Was he a Waster when he was Young? Or was he genuinely poor, so that he could not study and do better? …Whatever it is, today he is a person who has to resort to tricks like these to live. One of the Have-Nots.

We, those who Have, Money and Means, Talents, Education, Computers and Computer Knowledge, etc, also have a RESPONSIBILITY towards those Have-Nots. THAT would be Love.


There is also something I do Not like in this picture.


  1. What if we thought about him as “Have” and about us as “Have-nots”? I actually very much dislike these two terms because they are a product of the materialistic society we live in. He with his beautiful dog and simple means of life may be much happier as opposed to us who supposedly have all the comforts. Just a thought! I agree with loving one another!


    • Thank You, Sibella, for sharing Your thoughts.

      The very pair of Words have their conventional connotations. And that he is one of the ‘Have-Not’s’ is PROVED by the fact that We would not be ready to change places with him.

      Further, it lies within our means to search for and achieve the Non materialistic Positivities. But for a person whose belly is extended by Hunger, there is very little he/she can do about it. Hence our Responsibility.

      And, Loving one another is hard work! Much harder than what they do it Facebook, which is, give a ‘like’ and pass on!

      Love and Regards!


  2. What a photo! And a good reflection. It’s very common here in Chile to see people juggling at the stop light, or on a uni-cycle, or doing some sort of other trick. Then of course, they approach you for money. I sometimes get frustrated when I see an able bodied person doing this instead of working and contributing to society as a whole. Some of these performers are truly talented, and aren’t pushy for money, which I can see as an entertainment benefit to those around them… but some are very pushy about money, etc. and they actually make the waiting-at-a-stoplight experience worse!

    It does make you wonder about that dog, but however you look at it, that’s a talented and well-trained puppy! I do agree that Love is the answer…. as far as I’m concerned, Love is the universal answer. Thanks for sharing!


    • You have said it Well, Zach!

      I would like to persist with my point, though. Searching for, and getting a job, is not easy. You need the required education, the ‘clothes for the interview,’ and the ‘mind’ to keep at it.

      Whereas the ’employer’ is JUST concerned about his profits.

      South America is notorious for capitalism. At least, that is what I have heard. Very often capitalism has swallowed small businesses and created paupers. …But I hate communism even more, which turns Human beings into Slaves. But ‘Isms’ are not the answer.

      Just Cool, Common Sense would work Miracles! And it is here, We the Citizens, want to put just two coins,or even 10% in the box, think that We have carried out our Responsibility. And that is our Mistake.

      If We look at the World as our Extended Family and If We can See Christ in Every Human Being, We would be doing Well.

      Love and Regards to You and Yours.


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