The REAL Super-Girl and Super-Man!

After Meticulous Research, have found out just Who Super-Girl and Super-Man Are! Met them in Person too, and they had kindly agreed to an Interview! As they have Requested to Remain Anonymous, am using a picture from the Web.

supergirl n superman

UnSurprisingly, they both have the Same Characteristics. In their words, “Go Looking for Lost Ones, Until You Find them, and Rescue them.” (After Luke 15:4).

“You mean Anybody could do things like that?” I asked.

They looked Surprised. “Just Who do You think We are?” asked Super-Man. “Or have You not seen Spiderman movies?” 🙂

It was a Joint Interview. I asked them What a person like me, Old, and Tired and with a Heart Condition could do.

Just Keep Doing What You do Best, and Keep Doing Your Best; But it All should be ‘Other Oriented,‘” Super-Man said. I looked, er, Perplexed.

Super-Girl asked: “What Can You do? What are You Good at?”

“I do not know about being Good at things, but I do Love to Write,” I replied.

They both looked at each other and Smiled.

“It’s Simple,” said Super-Man. “By Your Words, Set them on Fire!”

stubborn mule


“Or Set a Fire Under them,” contributed Naughty Super-Girl. But She Was Right, Was She Not, Now that I think about it!

“Oh, Come On,” I said, “The Toughest of Mules have been known to Move. But are not Homo Sapiens provenly Tougher?”

DIE TRYING,” They Chorused.

“And that Would Make Good Ole Me into a Super-Man, I mean like You?” I asked.

“NO Doubt about it,” Said Super-Girl, while Super-Man nodded, and started getting up. The Interview, evidently was over. Well, They were Busy People, after All!


Guess What, Folks? I am going to become, er, another Super-Man! Want to Join me?


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