Probable vs Possible

Right from my Youth, have heard that One has to be Prepared and Ready to Die in one’s Sleep. Happily, Most of the Time, I have been Successful in that! The thing is that over the years, Long years, I seem to have come the Conclusion that it is Not Very Probable that I would be dying thus. But Which one of Us can say, Daringly, that it is Not Possible?!

But this post is Not about Dying in one’s Sleep!


A 6 year old Child has been raped In Her School in Karnataka. The (Dis)honourable chief minister of that state asked, in effect, What was the Big deal in that?

k'taka cm siddaramaiah what big deal abt rape of 6 yr old

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[What gets my Goat is the Glee in the face of the Toadies behind the man. These kind of people Always surround these kinds of people.]

This post IS about Rapes. And the growing Possibility of this Nastiness, this Horror, Touching Our Own Lives.

One would have thought that with things becoming ‘Public’ so easily, things becoming News so easily, criminals would be more cautious. But since our politicos, judges and the police find ‘No big deal’ even in the Rape of 6 year olds, the thing remain just that: News.

They dare to Gang Rape our Girls and Women in Buses, they Gang Rape and Hang them on Trees, they Gang Rape and Mutilate them With Crow Bars before Killing them. This last one fills me with Anger.

The man who has finally been arrested for the Rape of the 6 year old was serving as the ‘Skating Instructor’* at the Child’s School! Now hear this, Now hear this! The deed did not happen in some Remote, 2 bit school, nor in some ‘ordinary,’ ‘useless’ government school where Nobody wants to send their children. Skating Instructors would be expected Only in places where You would be dishing out some 20 Thou a Month! So, Is Your Child Safe?

Now hear this, Now hear this! ‘Another man, who allegedly raped a seven-year-old child inside a city school two years ago, is no longer even behind bars.’*

So What should We say Now? Has it become Very Probable that such Nastiness would be touching our own lives very soon? No, I would Not say that. But, Unless We Join our Voices to those who are Protesting and Fighting against this evil, Should We Not say that it is Quite Possible that these crimes would keep Increasing? And Maybe Touch Our Very Lives?




  1. And that’s the world we’re living in… Bad is taking over and in now seen as normal or even good… I’m so sad to read such reports, and you’re right look at those faces in the back taken over by demons.

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    • Thank You my Dear, for Your thoughtful, and even poetic, comments. Glad You noticed those faces in the back. Went through Your latest post, Eternity and Forevermore too. Find it good. Kudos. Love and Regards.


  2. All events we thought beyond possible nadirs of human cruelty are occurring. A grand-ma killing her own grand-daughter for being physically disabled! We are truly into the dark corridors of Kaliyuga.
    The only possible way out is for immediate and strict punishment for such crimes. Enough of pity, mercy, human rights and lame discussions.

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    • Very much agree with You, Sweety! But. I would like to put it this way: ‘No longer should we allow crooks to use words like pity, mercy, human rights and go into lame discussions.’

      You will remember I have been very critical of our ‘so called’ justice system.


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