Is it Growing Darker?

Are the forces of evil surfacing? Is the Situation of the World Growing Darker? Just Yesterday I had posted asking if the Chances of Horrors touching Our Own Lives are Possible. Striking the Iron while it is Hot, have Two Videos of Child Abuse, in this case, of the Corporal kind.

In one, on the left, a THREE year old Child is first THROWN, Violently, down, then bashed Repeatedly on the Head, by a WOMAN teacher. Later, the TV channel showed this woman beating the Child even more, and More Violently, AND Kicking the Child, Twice. I had wanted to post the First video. It seems Videos cannot be posted on this Blog as it is a Free and Basic one. I am Absolutely Thankful to WordPress as it is, of course. To have a Free Site is No Ordinary thing. To watch the Video, please go to the Photos/Albums in:

Giving You a Frame from the same:

Ch bashed

Actually, in the Right hand frame of the presentation, We have a Burly, so called Teacher (again), Violently Caning, this time, Visually Impaired Children. Is the World Growing Darker?

In the Rise of Crime, the judiciary is Very Much Responsible. Cases Dragged on for Decades, Senseless, Meaningless, Puny Sentences, at which the criminals laughingly Thank the judges, etc, Embolden Crime. Keep the Reform and Accountability of the judiciary Very much in Your mind.

Are Our Children Safe in School?


Incidentally, the man who had raped the 6 year old child has been arrested, Thanks to the Relentless Protests. Add Your Voice to the Rising Crescendo, and Keep at it. It brings Results.


  1. Teachers believe blindly in not sparing the rod , especially in smaller towns where people don’t just have the awareness to go to the police against thrashing and corporal punishment. On top of that schools actually protect such teachers later.


  2. I worked with children in various mental health settings for years; it is horrific what parents, teachers, caregivers and family will do to a child. And then we wonder why there is violence in our world…


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