Let Us NOT do this!

I am Noticing One thing: Many, Many Poets and Writers of Our Times have begun, Openly, to Write about the Sad state of our World. We can see them in our Blogging Family. I am going to take their Example to show that We too have to Get into Action. But Not like this:


Picture from ndtv.com

These people in the picture are protesting against the Rape of a 6 year old child in Bangalore.

Poets and Writers are People who Notice and Make the Effort to Explicitate their thoughts. Let Us be Sure that it is Good News for the World. Because What Poets (and Writers) Start, People Complete! Consider Bharathiar, a Tamil Poet, who Influenced the Fight for Independent India, and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, also because of whom Russia is Free today, (at least, of sorts!).

So, If We have come to Accept that evil could be Touching Our Very Own lives If We remain Inactive, We Have to Become Involved. But, as I said, Not like the people in the picture. I have Expanded the photo to show that Many of the Protesters could Not be having Any sort of Real Connection, or Interest, even, with the Happening. The Rape had happened in a Very Posh school. Many of those confronting the police here are… You Complete the Sentence.

It is said that many politicos’ children are studying in that school. Naturally these p’s would want safety for them. Their ‘Youth wing’ is their first line of attack and defence. They have been sent here. They will not only Push, Shove and Shout, they will also Scale, AND try to Overturn the Barricades. It is all Huge Fun, You know. After all, at the end of the day, they shall be receiving at least 5oo rupees each, Plus Eats and Drinks.

A politico’s child is safe, in matters like this, (Rape, etc), just by reputation. Even the Retarded staff in a school would know which is the child of a p. And If, a politico’s child had suffered that, the perpetrator would have been tortured and burnt alive.

Nothing Much is Really Going to Happen by such kinds of ‘Protests.’ the p’s, the judges and the police officials would be having a good laugh by evening, the police ranks would have enjoyed their part in the shoving and the cane wielding, and the next incident would have happened in the next 23 minutes.

Let us come to the picture again. As bound to be, there are quite a few of the Educated in the group of protesters. But do not allow Yourselves, Or Your Children, to join groups like these. Violence Will Ensue. Which Accomplishes Nothing.


Now let me bring in Michelangelo’s David as my Next Witness/Exhibit!



This Magnificent piece of Art was accomplished One Stroke at a Time. And it is said that Michelangelo would Keep Hitting, with Soft Touches, at the Same Spot, Many, Many a Time, to get the Shape he wanted.

Love Demands that We Stand Up for Others. And Peace and Happiness can come Only if We have Acted. So, What We Can and Should Do, is this:

  • Talk to Your Friends, and Organize Small Groups.
  • When You get the Opportunity to Protest, for instance, when such gruesome things have happened, Prepare some Simple Placards, and Come out into the Streets, the Market Place, With Your Family and Your Friends with their Families.
  • I have No idea about the Legalities of the matter. A Citizen Should have the Right to Voice His Opinion, to Protest. Our Lawyer Friends should advise Us in these things. The police may step in. Let us Ask them just Where We could Protest.
  • If You go to the places where protests like these are already taking place, Unless they are AAP, Keep away from the group, and Remain at the Fringes. The picture I have provided shows just how they go about it, and You know its Most Probable outcome, ie, Violence on the part of the police. Unnecessary.
  • Try to get the Media to Notice Your Participation.


protests green peace India


Here is an Example of ‘Small’ Participation, the kind of thing We can do on Our Own. This is about the Ecology and for Greenpeace, of course. Please Note this: If the Issue would bring in the police, in India, it would be Safe to take Your Children along.

But Do not even Think of protesting against corrupt Individuals, who will only set their goons upon Us, and Children would be in Grave Danger. We do not want to be like saddam hussein and the ‘Hamas’ who uses/use Civilians and Children as Shields and Cannon Fodder.


We can be Happy and Proud that Peaceful Protests are Catching On, and are becoming a Success. My Congratulations, Love and Blessings on these Lovely People. This is what politicos Hate, and are Frightened of. They Need MORE of this Medicine. These People are Protesting against the 6 year old’s rape, too. What a Difference!

protest blr 6 yr old Large


  • Please Be Generous, and Make it a Point to Participate in these gatherings. Take the Family Along. Swell the Crowd. Numbers alone Frighten politicos, whose Thumbs always lie in the puddings of Getting things Done or Ignored.
  • Call up Your Friends, and Gently but Firmly Insist and Persuade that they come.
  • Remember to take some Water, and Eats, etc, for the Children. When taking Children, do not remain too long, as it would Tire them. YOU can and should always come back!
  • Remember Not to leave Your Home Unattended. Thieves Note our comings and goings.

These kinds of things, done Town to Town, Time and Again, and Again and Again, like Michelangelo’s strokes, Will bear Fruit in the Future.

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