Some Questions to our judiciary


In one of the latest events, ‘A video has now surfaced showing Shiv Sena Thane MP Rajan Vichare forcing a Maharashtra Sadan Muslim staffer to eat during his Ramzan fast.’ (From: [Possible Religious overtones here: Victim is a Muslim, on a Sacred Fast. If he were forced to eat, it could be construed as ‘Religious’ Violence on him by a member of a Radical Hindu Outfit.]

10 other ministers, (Member of Parliament, no less!), have been accused of being part of it, so says the news. They were there, they did not stop this man, they did not even try to open their mouths.

force feeding shv sena Rajan-Vichare

It seems that the Food was not good. While Catering to Ministers, would caterer even Dare to lessen the Quality? …What is wrong with this sample?

Thali at Maharashtra Sadan New Delhi

It seems that the minister had subsequently Apologized. And had said that he did not know the man was on Fast, or words to that effect.

Yes, as he says, it is not possible to know one’s religion from one’s face. BUT. ministers are clever fellows. To say that they did not know of the Man’s Religion is Not Easily and Readily Believable. If we leave the Religious issue to one side, the Question Remains:

WHAT RIGHT has a minister, a lawmaker, have, to Physically Abuse, Manhandle and Insult, Publicly, a Citizen? But this is not my question to the j.


Let us remind ourselves of another case. Upon the demise of bal thackeray, the whole of mumbai had been brought to a standstill. Two Young Women had just Voiced a Question that had been on the Lips of Millions. Viz, Just Why bring a whole metropolis to a Halt for this? And, for asking this question, they had been jailed, under the draconian IT66A.

It seems that they have subsequently been released, and even a payment of rs. 50,000 has been given them in compensation. But this is Crass Ineptitude. What price Months of Jail life, with its Trauma to the Soul, the Stigma.


Here come the questions:

  1. If people can be Jailed merely for Voicing Thoughts on Twitter and Facebook,
  2. What should be the punishment to this so called minister for Physically Manhandling, Insulting and Humiliating a Grown up Man?
  3. If an Apology would be considered Sufficient for this minister, Why was not that Provision made for those Two Young Ladies? Why were they Jailed?
  4. What punishment has been given to the magistrate who jailed these Young Women? If Not, Why Not?
  5. courts have Suo-Moto powers. Why doesn’t the judiciary Act in the Interest of Citizens? Why All the Inflated Salaries and the Perks? When Can We See Justice in India?


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