New, Pseudo ‘princes’ of India 

I prefer to call all politicos as Pseudo Aristocrats. But in the context of this my post it is better to call them ‘princes,’ within inverted commas, of course.

Let us consider two things here. One is the present administration of India, under the bjp, with shiv sena as perhaps one of its major allies, wanting to raise a Mega statue to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. That can be readily understood, of course. Costing rs 200 crores, that is just what the country needs, given the state of the coffers. But. Ok, more on this below.

On the other hand, in one of the latest incidents taking up TV time just now, 11 of these shiv sena ministers trying to Force Feed a Man, saying that the Food was Not of Satisfactory Quality.

Time for some pictures! These are the shots of the ‘maharashtra sadan in Delhi,’ where these pseudo p’s get to stay, at the Common Man’s expense, naturally.

Maharashtra Sadan at K.G. marg in new delhi. Photo by Shekhar Yadav

maha sadan inte

Picture from:

maha sadan garden

maha sadan corri

Except for above mentioned, the rest of the pictures are from:

Now my Commentary! Sardar Patel has been called the Iron Man of India, because he integrated over 500 princely states into the Indian Union. Consider just How these sobs, these nouveau riche of India, are absolutely enjoying these ‘palatial’ comforts. It will be easy to understand that those old rajahs, etc, who had been used to their comforts for ages, would have been reluctant to give them up, and become ‘subjects’ of a nation.

So, these same bjp and shiv sena lot, if they are going to become the new (Pseudo) princes of India, are going to find that the shades of Sardar Patel is going to vacate its abode, to go and reside permanently in the deeps of the Pacific, (to be as far away from India as possible).

The itself calls it a palace. Why did Sardar Patel waste his breath?


So these sobs had found the ‘Food’ served there substandard. They had even complained about this for a whole two months to the authorities. Just HOW could they be so callous and careless? Is it not the government’s, the Nation’s job even, to see that these leeches and cockroaches lack for nothing? Huge failure.

Anyway, let us end things on a Happy Note. The Administration (previously called the government) has at least done Well by these Children. At least they would be Eating Well and  Sleeping in Comfort today.

ch labourers

Many of Our Citizens seem to have become the ‘Sheep’ of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. It is up to The Intelligentsia of the Blogging World to keep things in Balance.

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