Buffaloes, Jackfruit and Virginity!

Trust Yesudas to Start posts with such Names! Whatever would Virginity have to do with Jackfruit, and who cares for that in Buffaloes, anyway? Or, Whatever connection could the Three have, to occur together in a Headline?

Gotcha. Indian Bloggers might understand, but I am playing little tricks on You. Am sure You will agree with me when I say that ‘Rape’ is a kind of Losing Virginity. And, the Theft of 7 Buffaloes and 2 Jackfruit had been in the Indian News for some time.

Am also Sure You will All join me in Congratulating and Felicitating our Indian Police in solving, er, these latter two ‘Crimes.’ But alas, for ‘delay’ in solving the case of the Buffs. 3 policemen were suspended. Here are some details:

buffs stolen a


The glorious leader to whom those precious Buffaloes belong is at top left. But to here is a Bigger picture of his, along with his Friend.

buff azam khan


Found a good toon in this regard. The Cartoon is Not mine.

buff cartoon


More in: http://www.ndtv.com/article/india/azam-khan-s-stolen-buffaloes-found-3-policemen-punished-478558


Allow me to present You with the Important Episode in the History of India, that of the minister’s stolen Jackfruit.

jackfruit stolen


And Another Toon, Let us Thank God for these! Again, toon not mine.

jackfruit toon

The toon is also from: www.veooz.com


So, Whole Teams of the police were mobilized, over bally animals and measly jackfruit. Whereas, the Two Minors who had been Gang Raped and Hung on the Tree are finding No Justice. Much Mockery IS taking place, though. More on this in the links.

About The 6 year old Child in Bangalore, in the earlier reports it had been said that She had been Raped. Now they are saying, even in the media, that She was ‘Allegedly’ Raped. How Long does it take to Find out if a 6 year old had been Raped? Are they in Any way Serious about Investigating this?

More Attention, thus, We see, if Paid to Theft, than to Reports of Rape.


Would it be enough to blame the politicos, the judges and the police over these things? …Which of Us would Not get Riled up if a Theft takes place in Our House? Would We be saying that We have No Time to pursue the matter, or that We are Tired, or anything?

How Much Attention have WE given to the Sufferings of our Fellow Humans? How Much Support have We Rendered them? Have We even posted anything on the Issue? Worse, Do We Even Read those kinds of articles? Theft, takes Precedence over Rape. Or, in other words, Even for Us, Is it Not Buffaloes and Jackfruit above Virginity?

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