My Losses and Gains!

Right from my Youth, I have kept pictures of the Poor, usually inside my books. I would cull them from Magazines, and Old Issues of the Catholic Digest that We used to get were a Rich source. One of my favourite pictures was almost exactly like this one, though in Black and White.


Picture from Internet.


Our Family Situation was a Comfortable one. My Dad was in the Indian Railways, and his last salary was about rs. 450. As that was back in 1968, We Lacked for Nothing. …We could See People living like this in Gorakhpur, where We were.

During my Youth I did not think in terms of Christ living in Each and Every one of Us. I just wanted to do something about their Poverty. And Happily, I have lived for that Ever Since.

Now, this Post asks the Question: What did I get from living like that?


First of all, It has Cost me LOTS and LOTS of my Energy. Tons and Tons of it, so to say, so that I am one Very Tired Old Man.

Secondly, because of this my Nature, Many have kept away from me! They find me too Burning?


On the Plus side, …I Realize, and Experience, that I am Loved. It is seen in the Smiles and the Welcome on People’s Faces.

I also Enjoy a Lot of Peace. If things Upset me, it is only to move me to Action, like Trying to Get my Fellow Humans Involved in Creating a Better World.

All these things should make one Happy, and I Am Happy. Quite Happy.

Maybe a Very Short list. But when You are Carrying Your ATM card, what is the need to carry cash? Or, in other words, One Diamond is better than a Piggy Bank full of Coins!

I am Satisfied, and am Ready, Even Eager to Go, to my Rest!


Fellow Travelers Welcome!


  1. Sadly, the world over there are vast disparities between rich and poor. Your devotion to the poor is admirable. While it may not have generated riches for you, man lives by more than bread alone.


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