On the Value of Criticism

I wonder if there is Anybody who does Not Criticise, but People become Very Uncomfortable with it, even when They are Not being questioned. Yet, Criticism is Used Regularly, though We might Fail to Notice it.

Criticism is judging the Rightness or Wrongness, the merits and faults of something or someone. We use it in our Lives when We ‘Critically Evaluate’ the pros and cons of Our Children’s Schools and Colleges, the Merits of Various Insurance companies, and what not, in a hundred ways!


Here is a picture of some of my Favourite Gals! The Indian, Girls Hockey Team!

ind girls hockey team a

Picture from: www.sportskeeda.com

In the CWG at Glasgow, Our team, after enjoying some success against Canada and Scotland, got a drubbing at the hands of New Zealand. After We were 0-3, I stopped watching. It was too painful!


Sports channels have a way of showing, Repeatedly, the Triumphs of one’s country. That is to be understood. Who is going to watch one’s country being brought low? They also show the ‘Great Knocks’ of Individual players.

Those kinds of Tapes must be easy to get these days. Now let us take the case of YUVRAJ SINGH, that Cricketing Giant! The First man to hit 6 Sixes in an Over in the IPL, and, in 2011, Instrumental in India’s win in an Important game, While he was Experiencing the Pains of what was later diagnosed as Cancer.


Picture from: internationalcricketfever.blogspot.com.

Though Yuvi has made a Comeback, and playing International cricket once again, he is Not doing so well these days.

Now, Would Yuvraj be Watching Only the Videos of his Triumphs? Would he Not spend Much time after every match of his, Analysing the things that require his attention? Most probably with his Coach? Criticism in Action.


Every time a Team takes a ‘Timeout,’ the Coach might be saying: ‘Bowl to the Right length,’ ‘Keep Your line Straight,’ etc. Which all Mean, that The fellow had not been Doing it Right. Criticism.

Going back to the India’s Girl’s Hockey Team, What is going to Win Matches is discussion about How the Individuals had Hogged the Ball, How they had been Late in Making the Passes, How their Passes had not been Accurate, How they would have to Improve their ‘Collecting’ skills, etc.

Those who Criticise might Very often be found Quite Angry, or even Violent. That does not prove the Criticism Wrong! Well, Not everybody has ‘People Skills.’

It is Not that C alone should be our Lookout, or that We should be spending Time on Speaking and Writing on This subject Alone.

If my Daughter is telling me that a particular Teacher is doing this or that in School, if I do not go up and Confront him, it is going to be My Daughter who shall continue to face Abuse.

It depends upon Us, Individually, to evaluate (criticize!), Just How Much Time We have given to the Upliftment of Society, which can also be called the Betterment of Our Own Children.


  1. Criticism is a tricky subject. Even positive criticism can be administered badly. It has to be administred with sensitivity. We lose this in our rush for time


    • Thank You, Rajiv, for the comment. But I have already raised the issue in the post. The problem is that People are always at the stage of ‘Palaaayan,’ Escapism, choosing to go after pleasant things rather than Improve situations, even their own.

      We have also lost the Culture of Guru Bhakti. Today, anybody who has a computer degree thinks he can run the country! If You remember, Gurus never bothered about sensitivity.


      • The Guru-Shishya relationship is one that I want to explore in my next post. I thought that I would do a few before Independence Day


      • Thank You, and Good that You are thinking of new things. Hope You also noticed my Important point that the Social situation needs to be Examined, Criticized. We all just want to go our Merry Way.


    • Getting more Ideas that I would like to share here:

      People think that Criticism is only against Individuals. And that does take place, in every house hold!

      What is Needed is to be Aware of Our Situations, the Social setup. In Facebook today, there was a Cartoon, to the effect that the judiciary says: ‘Keep Quiet, Or Else!’ They think they are Above Questioning.

      These are the things I would like Challenged.


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