Challenge… The Establishment!


We See that there are Very many things that Need Change, and in which We can play a role. The Establishment, the Administration or the government, (to use the old word), Needs to be Challenged. So let us Challenge It, which will start with Criticism!

Here are Two Great Cartoon, which, again Are Not Mine. I found both of them in Facebook.


Here, the Journalist is asking ‘corruption,’ ‘Who is your Best Friend these days?’

To which corruption relies: ‘Section 144.’

This is the law that forbids People from gathering in groups of more than 4. It is supposed to be used when Violence is expected. But apply it to Peaceful Protests, and We have Goodbye Democracy, because it would  take away from Us the Very Means to Protest.


We have laws which Effectively make us Fools and Slaves. You are Not allowed to Question the judiciary. OR ELSE it becomes ‘contempt of court.’

Do Not these kinds of things, the Establishment, Need to be Challenged? I call this Criticism. And of this I do a lot. …Let us also Remember to Question, Criticise and Challenge the Religious Establishments too! More on this later.


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