Some Very Needed Qualities!

You know the old and wise saying, which mention Qualities that are Really Needed:

God grant me

Graphic from:

Evidently the Wisdom lies in Knowing the Difference between What Can and Cannot be Changed by Us. BUT. There are More, Important Elements involved in this too:


A person who does not Care about Others is not going to worry about Changing the situations. Nor is the person who is Lazy. And it Requires Honesty, Even BRUTAL HONESTY, to Acknowledge the Realities about Our Selves!

Too many of Us would like to Escape by saying: ‘I am not the Wisest of Men!’

There is Much We CAN Do. Honesty is Needed to Accept this.


If We Genuinely Care about Others, and Raise Our Voice in their Support and Really Do things for them, That would be Love. And Only Doing these things Can and Will bring Us Peace and Happiness.

So, Love, Happiness and Peace can be Attained Only when We Put to Use these Very Needed Qualities. We are Born with them. It is upto Us to Use them.

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