When a Nation Does Not Care for Its Children

In India, We have reports that Many Minors, Children, are getting Raped, and Even Gang Raped. But the Bad thing is that the administration is Not exactly Shaken. In West Bengal, again in India, Dozens of Children die in hospitals. And the chief minister there, mamata banerjee, is the Least bothered about it. It is Almost as if a Nation does Not Care.

In the Gaza conflict, there is news that Many Children have been Killed.

human shields

Image, from Facebook. Somebody there had entitled this as ‘Human Shields.’ It is More like ‘Child Shields.’


Before We go further, a little on Missiles (Rockets) and Other forms of Attack. The Most Sophisticated Guided ones, like the Cruise missiles, can hit targets as small as a garage, after a flight of a 1000 Kms; but more generally within radii of 30 to 100 metres. But Each one might cost as much as 2 Million Dollars each.

Cruise Missile Tomahawk

Long range missiles are not known for their Accuracy. But their Capacity to Destroy is Great indeed. And hamas has more than 11 Thousand of them!

hamas rockets s

Graphic from: http://www.idfblog.com/blog/2014/07/10/6-million-lives-in-danger-the-deadly-rocket-arsenal-of-hamas/

Accurate delivery is required to destroy Hidden Guns, Anti-Aircraft Systems, etc. It would be Useless to drop Your shell a Kilometre from the target. For this, Armies use Guns, Tanks and Aircraft. Which are what Israel is using.

Organizations like hamas, etc, are not even interested in destroying any particular targets in Israel. Their Only intention is to Whip Up World Sympathy, for which, as We see, they do not hesitate to Sacrifice their Children. Hence they use Long Range rockets.  mirajnews.com, mentioned below, says: ‘Hamas announced it had fired four M-75 rockets at the capital.’ M-75s have a range of 75 Kms.

In a War, Declared or Undeclared, Or if You would like to call it as a War-like-Situation, It is the Responsibility of the Administration (government) to Prepare Air Raid Shelters, and the Educate the People in their Use, and to Make the People Use them. If if cares for its People.

israeli shelter

Picture from: http://mirajnews.com/palestine/hamas-rockets-reach-jerusalem-tel-aviv/

The caption says: ‘Israelis take cover in a large concrete pipe used as a bomb shelter after a rocket was launched from the Gaza Strip.’ And WHO do You think says this? An Islamic news agency, mirajnews.com




They seem to think that it is Cowardly of the Israelis to come here like that. If the palestinians had been Wise, and Caring for their Children, they would have sent them into places like these too.

Down in 1962 I think, during the Indo-china war, when I was in Gorakhpur, which is quite far away from the border, We would hear Air Raid Siren coming on, and Home Guards doing rounds, blowing Whistles. Are they doing it in Gaza? …This excellent toon below shows what the hamas hides behind.

hamas shelters


It is MOST Unfortunate that militant organizations hide themselves and their arms in Civilian areas. Sadly, Not only hamas is guilty of it.

War is Ugly. 90% of the Common Man and Woman would not even have an Idea about it. War is to be Deplored. World Opinion should tell the administration in gaza to kick out the hamas, If it cares for its Children.

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