Who is the Richest Today???

Some Years ago, I had read that queen elizabeth of england was The Richest. Later it was Bill Gates. And then I read that some mexican man took over that ‘honour.’


A Young Man once told me that my Talks start like the Beginning of a Mystery Novel! And that was from listening to my Sermons! Yes, as I have seen it, the First thing is to get the Attention, and then, to Keep it. What You want to Establish can come later!

Let us go back to Our Original question: Who ‘Is’ the Richest person today? Off hand, would even One in a Million know that? Without resorting to Google or Bing? Or, if We take Another question, Who is the Most Powerful person on earth today? Barack Obama? There would be many who would Contest that. Worse, there would Many More who would not even Know such a man exists. Try India. …Whereas.


If We take some other names, those of Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela or Mother Teresa, I DO believe that these would be More known. These are People whose names are mentioned in History Books, And Remain in the History Books! governments change, Times change, the Writers of those history books change, but these Remain! Don’t You Agree? …What is it that gives them such Permanency and Affection in the Minds of the People?

1990 South Africa


Looking for images of Mandela, found that in at least 50% of them he is found Smiling! And he is a man who had been Jail for how many years? In what all ways? Is it True that he had buried in the ground up to his neck, and worse? …A man like that Keeps Smiling.


To me, the Reason for their Happiness, their Names in the History Books and Affectionate Memories lies in the fact that:


Who cares who is the richest on earth today? I have heard that putin, and in my opinion jaya, are some of the richest people. But I never fail to think of them except with Contempt and Worse. So Ok. What is the Use of Living in History Books? But. To Live with a Smile on one’s face, One has to Live for Others.

6 thoughts on “Who is the Richest Today???”

  1. Today, we don’t talk of spiritual wealth. Lakshmi MITTAL wants to buy a mountain range in the UK. The arrogance of the materially wealthy grows and grows. Maybe, the ancients we re correct – that this is Kaliyug…


    1. But there are differences, are they not?

      Today, We Talk, at least, over the Internet, through Blogs and all that.

      And, with All Respect to the Ancients, Should We not TRY at least, to correct the maladies of this Yuga? If We have fallen into a Well it does Not mean we have to Remain there!


  2. This is excellent, thank you! And for all those who are not sure where their riches are, Matthew 6:19-20 shall be your guide. 🙂


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