The Hamas – Caught on Camera

This evening, the NDTV carried reports of how the Hamas had been building (temporary) rocket silos near Residential areas and firing the rockets from there. This was a First hand report from this channel, where the reporter and the camera crew had a Direct view of what had been going on.

Very careless on the part of Hamas, of course. Unless they want to tell the world that they don’t give two hoots for world opinion. I took all these pictures with my simple Nokia cell phone directly from my TV, hence the picture quality is nothing to talk about. Here is the Most Prominent One. There are 7 more towards the end of the post.


Israel came under a Lot of Criticism for allegedly killing Hundreds of Civilians, which included a Large number of Children, in Gaza in the latest incidents. The NDTV of India had given this much attention, while other prominent ones like Headlines Today and Times Now had been covering other subjects. The Burden of NDTV had been against the Israelis all this while. All this is a matter of Record.

It is to be Noted that the Same NDTV has Impartially covered and presented the other part of the story, as to How the Hamas HAS been Firing its Rockets from Residential Areas.

Thus the Israeli Retaliatory fire would have landed near those civilian areas, and Hamas Used this Barbaric tactic to whip up support for itself. I for one believe that this is a Common practice for Most Militants, including our dear saddam hussein. More than a dozen palaces and crying that Iraq’s Children did not have Food. And Just What took them SO Long to Allow United Nation’s Inspectors IN? Deliberate Guerilla Tactics, where Civilian Life is Just Fodder for the Cannon.

The Channel also reported that the Israeli Army had given warning of its Raids and Attacks. For this I am not able to offer any proof. But the matter must be available in the site of the said channel.

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