How two Young Girls managed to Rape and Hang Themselves

The CBI, the central bureau of investigation of India, that August body, says that: ‘Badaun gangrape accused clear lie-detection test.’ Reference below. Badaun is the place in UP, India, where 2 Minors had been Gangraped and Hung. Lest We Forget, Here is the Infamous picture, (from the Internet).

Minors gangraped n killed in up 0514

Sherlock Holmes, Rex Stout and G. K. Chesterton, all agree that in that case the Girls must have Raped-and-Hung themselves. Sodomizing oneself is difficult enough. But I suppose all these things ‘Are’ possible, after all.

In India, even the agency that counts Farts is a government one. The cbi is no different. They fawn up to the ruling parties, and fall over themselves in doing so. That is One Reason I just ‘Love’ these government Servants.

It all comes from their thinking that the ‘government’ pays them their salaries. So Sad.

From the President down, the ministers, the judges, the police and ALL ‘government’ Servants Receive their Salaries from the People, the Citizens, of India. As such, It is the Citizens, their Real Masters, that they must learn to Serve.


11 thoughts on “How two Young Girls managed to Rape and Hang Themselves”

  1. There is no way to “like” this post, although I do appreciate you keeping it in everyone’s awareness. Too often atrocities like this are forgotten.


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