The Root of the Problem!


The photo in this post is from Rajiv Chopra’s blog, reference below. To me, the Woman’s Eyes Reflect a Calm Acceptance of her Circumstances and Her Inevitable End. What Runs in Our Minds? Westerners might be Shocked at seeing things like these. But it is the Most common sight for Indians. YET, Almost Every Time, We pass them by without a second glance. As mentioned many times in comments in Rajiv’s blog, APATHY. That is the Root of Mankind’s problem. But where does it spring from? Are We born with that?

The problem may be Age old. It had existed at the time of Christ, which He addressed by the Parable of the Good Samaritan. The Bible has said that We Are Our Brother’s Keepers. But, Modern-day Christian Leaders Speak of Faith, Speak of Praying, and Keep Asking for Donations… One wonders if they even know the Parable mentioned!

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We might Ignore it, Fight it, or even Hate it, but Religion does Influence Us. Our Behaviour might change, but 6,000 years of Human Experience cannot be put aside so easily.

As little as 50 years ago, Religion had its sway, People ‘Felt’ and Believed that doing Bad would bring ‘Bad’ in their lives. Where and When did this mentality change?

Hinduism does not propagate its Teachings in a Formal manner, as Do Christians and Muslims, where regular assemblies are there, and Teachings. Yet the Hindu Way of Teaching, if I can call it that, has been the Most Successful One, seen from the fact that it has Resisted changes. For Instance, Christianity could not make a numerical impact in India.

Yet Changes Have taken place. Indians were Known for their Care and Concern. The Prevailing, Uncaring Attitude of India today is something New. Let us see Why and How this happened.

50 years ago, Religious Institutions were not rich, EXCEPT for… Christianity. I can and do speak about this as I know quite a few things because of my age and my Way of Observance, and because I am a Christian myself. To See particular, Real instances, please click here.

Christian Leadership has been Abysmal. The Useless Museum housing Thousands of rich artefacts in the vatican, the Rich lives of the cardinals and bishops, the corruption in Velankanni in TN(!), etc, seem to have ‘Opened’ the eyes of Other religious leaders, albeit in a Negative way, whereby they too seem to have fallen in love with money.

I was in Gorakhpur, UP, for long years, and I know that a GREAT amount of Food Grains used to accumulate there as offering. Yet nothing bad was said about the Gorakhnath Temple or its administration. That was 50 years ago. What have We NOW? Reports of the Shankaracharya of the South having ‘properties’ in Nepal, and court cases against him, is an example.

People are Not listening to What their (Religious) Leaders are Saying. They Observe, and they Emulate. Thus Religious Leadership Plays the Greatest of Roles in Shaping Society. The Vacuum in the Religious Leadership is the Root of the Problem.


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10 thoughts on “The Root of the Problem!”

  1. Swamiji. This is a brilliant post. Yes, we were known for our caring. What happened? In the burgeoning population of the country, and the rush for material wealth, we still need to find room for compassion.
    I have been to Gorakhpur many times. But, that was years ago.


    1. Thank You, Rajiv. You are kind.

      ‘To find room for compassion,’ who would be bothered with that, when Wealth is King? Children see what their parents crave, and they follow.

      The Dreams, the Desires, Morals,Values and Methods, all learnt from… The Elders, who in turn are Formed by Religious Leaders.

      As the man in the Docomo ad presumably changed merely by the Youth turning up and challenging him, our Leaders, of all kinds, need Our Challenge.


  2. Swamiji, came to your blog from Rajiv Chopra’s post. What you say is true, the fact that our religious leaders are chasing money is one of the key reasons we are doing the same. I think there is a need for more of us to step back and find a way to include compassion in our lives and in our actions. Your suggestions on Rajiv’s blog also do make sense, but does not giving money to families in the city encourage laziness esp among the men?


    1. My Dear Bharti, I seem to have been very askance in replying to You. Pardon me. When and If We just dish out money, without finding out more about the People, their problems and circumstances, there IS the danger that We are worsening the situ. And it happens quite a lot. But Love is Not Throwing money. It is concern. And Constant Contact, etc. This will help. Regards. 🙂


  3. “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh” (Ezek. 36:26). May God replace our hearts of stone. Have a blessed Christmas, my friend. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Thank You, my Dear Anna! …But the problem is that God does not give that heart of flesh to those who not want it, or ask for it.

      The 2,500 years since Ezekiel is proof enough. The Psalm says, “Harden Not Your hearts,” but mankind keeps doing it blithely.

      May His Kingdom Come.

      A Blessed Christmas to You and Yours too, my Dear Anna. 🙂

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