Kabaddi, the Game

This is actually a Continuation of the description, given in very short, in my previous post: Kabaddi, Timeliness, and Life! Am using the same graphic for this one.


Each team consists of 7 players. One has to enter the opposite court, ‘touch’ opposite player(s), and escape uncaught, crossing back or at least touching the Centre line, (to our Right, not visible here). He has to keep saying things like ‘Kabaddi’ the while. Those with whom he had successfully made contact are Out.

If his breath runs out, and if he is caught or even touched at this time, he is Out. Nowadays they have modified things, so that each player is given 30 seconds. So ‘saying’ Kabaddi becomes a formality.

While the player is trying to touch somebody, others of the team try to encircle and trap him. The game swings from the right to the left in seconds, what with sudden swerves and all. The Attacker lunges, twirls, even uses his legs to ‘touch’; and to escape, even jumps like a fish!

As You can see, no. 18 is out to make a grab at the player in green. If no. 18, for instance, badly mistimes it, the player in green being too near the centre line, the Red and Blue team might sacrifice their man. Timeliness Enters here. Once he has clutched at the Attacker, the others have to Rush and encircle him. Otherwise he could Breakout.

Right these days, two Kabaddi championships are going on. Videos are available in youtube, etc. You will find that those of the ‘Pro Kabaddi League,’ which are more Original, and more Interesting. Search and watch those of ‘World kabaddi league 2014,’ too. You will see differences. Wish You Happy Times!

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