Kabaddi, Timeliness, and Life!

Please Share on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc! This post is about Timeliness. We Surely Need a Lot of that in Life! Kabaddi provides an Excellent Example of this. For a Description of the Game, etc, please click here.

In short, Kabaddi is an Indian Game, played on small ‘courts,’ without any equipment. Here is a Snapshot from my little Nokia.


What happens is that Much of the Time, Supporting Players are just Milli-seconds late, whereby the Attacker manages to Escape. If You watch The Mumbai Team in the ‘Pro Kabaddi League,’ You will see that they alone Jump in, In Time, in Defence. Timeliness. That is Why they are the Most Successful team.


Now let us Come to Timeliness in Life. Protests against Corruption, and For Democracy, etc, have taken place in Tiananmen in china, under Lech Walesa, etc. But the Protests in Egypt seem to have started off a Chain. Theirs was a Simple message.

egypt protest aesPicture: WEB-Egypt-Protest-Joseph-Hill-Flickr, via: www.the-peak.ca

egypt protest b

Picture credit: www.aa.com.tr

The second photograph is more noteworthy, in that it shows How Simple Folk, Including Many Women, brought about a Sea of Change, Merely by Coming out into the Streets in Numbers. These could Not have been ‘Flash’ crowds. It must have happened One by One by One.

Today’s Social and World Situation calls for Action on Our part. Like in Kabaddi, or in Tug of War, or in Rowing, If We do not Pull Together IN TIME, the Moment would be Lost.

Here is What Those Interested can Easily Do: Please Share on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc! I do it Quite often!

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