OUT… of the Rat Race!

I have never tried my hand at poetry, though I have written Songs. But this one seemed to Flow! And, incidentally, this should be my 300th post, in about 225 days! One Reason Why I am not able to go through Your posts!

Rat race


It’s a Mad Race, It’s a Rat Race, and a Sad Race, my Friend
And Wise is the Person who Gets Out of In Time.

They’ll beguile You, They’ll Trap You
Telling You that You NEED – their Lotions and things
Ev’r thought What You’d Do, after You are Wed
D’You Think Y’r Hubby’ll Leave You if You are Two shades too Red?

If Only Rest’raunt Food, and If Only Daily Outings
Can make You Happy, then tell me my Friend
Just How many Hours in a Month You have managed to be So.

You built a Million dollar home
But Your IRS* neighbour built a Billion dollar one
Tell me What Now, Would You Bomb the house where You dwell?

Why run THEIR courses, Why run THEIR races?
From the Fair and Lovely cream and the Cell phones You bought
THEY’r wining and dining, and smirking the while.

Foxes run in Groups, the Rats do much Worse
Tis the Lone and Proud Lion that We find Standing Tall

So What Would We Be, Rats, Mice or Men
It’s a Mad Race, It’s a Sad Race, but We DO have a Choice.


*IRS: The Indian Revenue Service, India’s Tax dept!


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