To All Working Mothers…

This article is the result of my going through a post, ‘From a mother to “Working Mother”…’ in the Blog of namratachoudhary …Namrata is a Great Girl. She Truly Loves her Son, and is So Proud of him that she has named him ‘Raunak,’ which means something like ‘The Brightness,’ in this case, of one’s life! I appreciate her posts. Yet in this instance, could not agree with her. As my comments, (like in this post!) would have been too long, and as WordPress suggests, I made it into a new one. I shall show the Quotes, or even Reworked quasi quotes from hers in Blue.

My Honest Suggestion: To Most Working Mothers… Don’t!

Why Most? Because, in just a few cases, She might be the Lone Parent, or the Lone Responsible Parent! As is many times the case in India, Men prove themselves to be the Weaker Sex, by Indulging in Drinks, Gambling and things, so that the Woman has to go to work if they have to Eat. To Them, I say, Sadly, Continue, with my Blessings.

mother n labourer es

Well, the source of the picture is In the picture, anyway!

Except for Cases of Necessity like these, in the other instances Most Women-with-Children Merely Like and Want to Go to Work. The ‘Reasons‘ they offer, in which their husbands join them, are:

I work For the Child, For his better future; so that the baby won’t have to suffer in the future, It’s for the baby’s sake, etc.

They also say that A professional life is important to them, etc.

That ‘The bulk of families can no longer afford to live on one source of income (husband),’ is actually a Lie. It is Just that We Want a Certain Material Standard of Life, which is a Sickness! In the olden days it was said like this: ‘The Jones have it,’ (So We must have it). And Where has it led Us?

Missing the baby’s first step, the first word, and he/she first calling her Ma, are NOT the Most important things.

Working mothers most often suffers mental as well as emotional stress, as they deal with the mental pressures from home as well as office. This may often deal to marital disturbances. Sometimes due to physical stress women starts shouting on her mates due to which their relationship has to suffer. In Spite of these You want to keep ‘working’ outside, Young Ladies? What could be Worse than Marital Disturbances?

‘People say that working women’s children does not have a connection/bond with their mom’s, but this is not true at all. There’s no better test than to ask the children. They know who their mom is — even the smallest babies respond to their mother’s scent, voice and presence. So it proves all.’ …Does it?

ONE of the Main reasons whence the Family has gone to the Dogs in the West is that Children have had their Mothers Part Time! They DO know who their Mom is. But let the Moms recognize that those same children have landed them in Old People’s Homes.

Modern Science tells Us that It is Necessary for the Child to be with the Parent for at least the First Six Years. Every College-Educated, Computer/Tablet-Competent, Blog-maintaining Gal Should know this.

In View of All this, My Dear Little Working Mothers, to Most of You my Honest Suggestion is: Don’t. Sure, the world will not take kindly to this. …Is it going to be Material Benefits/Junkets for Our Children, or Our Presence, for which they Yearn? Ask Your Child, Any Child. Their Answer would make You Rethink. Love to All.



  1. I agree with most of what you said Baba, except the part about “The bulk of families can no longer afford to live on one source of income (husband)” being a lie. In the U.K. you cannot choose to raise children below a certain standard of living without being in danger of the State taking your children away from you. For example, entry-level housing in the U.K. is more than most working class people can afford, especially on a single income. You are not allowed to raise children in a shack that you made out of corrugated iron, or mud and sticks. You have to live in the housing that society has deemed is acceptable. I had to move to Ireland so that I could buy a house I could afford and stay at home with my children.


    • Thank You for that Reply, Sarah! I had not known that. And I do suppose not just the UK, but certain other countries, particularly in Europe, may have such ‘laws.’ Just proves the foolishness of the administration.

      Also, since I am a Frog in the Well, Never having travelled outside India, I speak from This background. And here, what I have written is True. As in Your case, You showed that it is Not confirming to certain ‘material’ standards, but Other, Real Values, is what matters.

      Love to You and the Family!

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