The Least We Can Do!

We Find Our Circles Growing. We Not only Like Some People’s Posts, but Find that We Agree with their Thoughts. This is the Stage Where Support is Needed. We can do that Many ways, of course. But I have found a Simple Way of Supporting and Encouraging my Friends. The Least We Can Do, which Actually becomes Quite and Very Effective, is to:


The Simplest and the Least: Share it On Twitter! Of course, We would Do Better to Do it on:

fb n twitter

I actually Share many of my Friends’ posts on Twitter and Google+. To tell the Truth, I do not do it so much on Facebook. These do not seem to like ‘Longish’ posts! But You have to decide about Your Friends there.

fb twitter g+

I would do it on Pinterest too. Only, I have not yet worked out HOW, yet! Naturally, We would Reblog Only in Rare cases. So, There is MUCH of the Least We Can Do! So Let us be Supportive, Active, and Generous!


  1. I’ve just started using Pinterest but I don’t use Facebook, Twitter or Google+. I find that I spend enough time just on WordPress, and it gives me everything I need from an online community. The way I support other bloggers is by having the most recent posts I like displayed down the side of my blog. That way people are just one click away from my blogger friends. 🙂


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