On Our Religious Leaders


This post is Open for All. If You belong to another Religious Community, You may Not like to give a ‘like.’ That depends upon You. This is perhaps my Most Important post. Do Please Share it, at least on Twitter. This is also one of the Most Difficult posts I have written! But I shall complete it as it is Needed.

The Whole Point of this article is to say that, the pope and the bishops have to Use their responsible places of Authority to say that:


This should be Thundered out from All Pulpits, in no Uncertain terms, again and again. Let it Not be said that people Know this. Times Demand that this be Vocalized.

Saying these sorts of things In the Churches would have Two Effects:

  1. Those who might be guilty of such behaviour would be put to Shame, of course, as the Same Congregation Could contain their Victims! This should hasten their ‘Conversion.’
  2. Those who are guilty might, and very probably would, decide to leave the church. Are We to Stop because of that. NO.


Religious leaders of all ilk seem to disappoint. You will Remember that I have written quite a lot – which I shall continue – on the catholic side of it, being a catholic myself. But We also have:

pentecostal prayer-groups/pastors rich enough to ‘own’ TV channels. They also put up multi-crore, air conditioned ‘churches’ in no time. church leaders of Other Christian denominations are frequently involved in cases of ‘Fraud’ with regard to church property.

One would have thought that the Buddha embodied Peace. But buddhist ‘bhikkus’ have been known to Foster violence, as in sri lanka.

I had heard from a person whom I Trust, that the Babri Masjid had been built on the remains of a Hindu temple. This person, who travels a lot, recounted that, on the ‘back wall’ of the Masjid, he had seen figures of Hindu deities. But, even if all this is True, that a Big Mistake had been made Umpteen centuries earlier, did the Structure, which was a Religious one after all, Have to be Torn Down? Much has been said about the very careful planning that had gone on before the event. With the Aid of political and religious leaders.

Last but Not Least, as they say, am Absolutely Astonished at the Violence carried out by Islamic Militant Groups.

Now let me come back to the Christian one, particularly the catholic Religious Leaders.



Let us suppose that in a school, You found that the Teachers spend ‘All’ their time in the ‘Staff Room.’ Would You, or Would You Not Take that Up? That is Criticism. One Hopes to Improve the Situation by Criticism. We bring it to the Notice of those concerned that We Know What they are doing, and that We are Not Satisfied. That is the Point of All Criticism.



homeless family L

It has been said time and again that Thousands are Sleeping on the Streets in the US and in Europe, while Thousands of Homes are Lying Vacant and Empty.

pp fran a

Photo from internet.

Many catholic-tards are Extremely happy that francis paid his own hotel bill instead of sending a flunkey, wears simple clothes, and serves himself like this and eats with the crowd. You know what? I give him 30 marks for Simplicity. If he would serve Others, as they do at weddings in India, I would give him more. If he can bring himself to Wash the Dishes in the Pantry, I would give him even more marks.

One does not choose a CEO to Open the Doors, to Wash Cars and Man the Lifts. This is what francis is doing. A Religious Leader should Speak Out. At least in the Christian/catholic Tradition. That is How We have So many Epistles, and the Bible is such a Fat Book.

priest forgives molested

Toon from Internet. …It depicts dear Ratcatcher. This also shows the Reality and the Situation of the World.

pope francis speech in South Korea

While there, the pope said something like this: ‘Forgive and Forget the Wrongs of the Past…’

Is South Korea the Aggressor? Does this country have to tone itself down? Did francis even know where he was? What the situation of the area is? north korea is friend only to putin and co. Have YOU Ever Met a north korean?! They can’t even participate in Sports events! That is how much Freedom they have. And francis tells South Koreans to Forgive and Forget. No Wonder there were So Many Wooden Faces in the Audience.

francis’ past:

In Argentina, in 1976-1983, the military junta kidnapped and killed thousands of people in a “dirty war” to eliminate leftist opponents. Argentine church has a dark history of supporting the murderous dictatorship. Some priests even worked inside torture centers, and blessed those doing the killing. In all this, francis is more concerned about preserving the church’s image than providing evidence that could lead to convictions. All this is in the public domain.



I repeat the main message of this post here: To put it Most Simply, francis, and all the bishops, should tell, In So Many Words, and Keep repeating, that:


Conscience Needs to be Formed. Recently I heard things like these:

  • Nothing is Wrong.
  • The Situation Demands such Behaviour.
  • Wrong is Not Wrong if it is Done Properly!

francis and co should speak out, Clearly, stating that WRONG IS WRONG.

A Large Part of the World is Christian, and Many among them catholic. Many catholics must be in Influential posts, like senators, judges, lawmakers, senior officers in the army, etc. A Crook, of Any Sort, it not Entitled to Holy Communion. A Confession would Not be enough. To be a Good Confession, a Change in Life Has to be there. A catholic policeman who sprays Pepper on Unarmed Civilians should Not Receive Communion. Nor should a judge who takes bribes. The list would be practically Endless.


The Bible on Wrongdoers:

In the New Testament, Paul is rather Clear on the Subject:

“If (one) does not Recognize the Meaning of the Lord’s Body when he eats the Bread… he Brings Judgement on himself. That is Why Many of you are Weak and Ill, and Several have Died.” 1 Corinthians 11:29-30, passim, TEV. Paul did not go the whole hog and say, ‘you will die if…’ But he Did mean that those Unworthy Should Not Receive Communion.

The Lord is So Disappointed with His priests in the Old Testament that He calls them ‘Dogs,’ (Isaiah 56:10-12).

The Lord also said: I will give their wives to other men… From the least to the greatest, all are greedy for gain; prophets and priests alike… Jeremiah 8:10. Hoho!

It might seem like a case of Living with Everlasting Fire, (cf Isaiah 33:14). But a Righteous Life Can be lived. It would bring Happiness rather than pleasure. It is the Duty of Religious Leaders to Teach that. We have Not been Taught to Live like that. That is Why the World is going to the Dogs.

If Lone men, not only like hitler, but Napoleon, could make Such a Difference in History, Why Can’t these people?


37 thoughts on “On Our Religious Leaders”

  1. Interesting thoughts. No one should be above criticism. Ever. In fact, “leaders” should be put under more scrutiny than us little people.


  2. interesting, challenging and true. The Bible also teaches that the best way and time to challenge someone who is continually living a life of sin but seems unaware is through conversation and relationship- only resorting to formal prohibition or ‘excluding’ them as a final option. But we would all be wise to hear the challenge this contains for ourselves.


    1. Hello, Andy! Thank You for that comment. Had gone into Your site and read Your ‘Let me tell you a story…’ Quite good. Kudos on that.

      ‘Continually living in sin’ are all big words. I do not hold much with that. And it is Sin only when they are aware of it. Deeds done unknowingly, are they not mere mistakes? At least that is what I was taught, and what I hold!

      Yes, the Best way to help one to Conversion is through Conversation and Relationship. But that can be done in our local settings. The wider world is reached, Thank the Good Lord, through things like Blogs!

      Sure, ‘Exclusions’ are final options. But I not talking of school children here. I am addressing Senators, ministers, judges, and big-wigs like those here.

      As for Ourselves, I am deeply aware of being a Child of God, and constantly wonder at that great privilege. But I also call myself a Sinner and a Fool. To my eternal shame, Anger is my Sin. Am well aware of it, and have struggled through it for the past 40 years or so. Please pray for me.

      With Love and Regards, Yesudas.

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    1. Thank You for Your visit to my site and for Your comment. …What can I say? I can only write what I feel may be Important and Useful. As to its Relevancy, the Good Lord and my Readers would be the Judge. Regards.


  3. Using the recent example of the “Buddhists” in India inciting violence is grasping to prove your point and it rings rather hollow to my mind. Until we hear of a Buddhist Inquisition or Buddhist Crusades or Buddhis jihads somewhere in the world, I think Buddhism has a long, long way to go before it reaches the level of ignominy which Catholicism and other anti-human religions have achieved.


  4. “If Lone men, not only like hitler, but Napoleon, could make Such a Difference in History, Why Can’t these people?”

    That is a very good question, and very profound in it’s simplicity. Oh, I liked what you had to say even though I am a Buddhist. No religion should be above criticism either.


    1. I had gone to Your site and read Your ‘This Bites.’ My comment there would not get through. My comp seems to have picked up a nasty virus in spite of Norton. Am posting those comments here please.

      Hello, my Dear! Good and honest post! Kudos. …I see that practically everybody would have You keep writing, even as of this moment.

      But, being an Oldie gives me privileges, does it not? Haha! 🙂 The point is, just as We have Workaholics, I would say that You have become a ‘Write-aholic!’ I would suggest that You take a LONG break. Your ideas, already there, would go nowhere. They ‘would’ be inside Your pretty head.

      In India, truck drivers have separate restaurants, (called hotels here!), for themselves. There, as they eat and rest, they leave the hoods of their trucks open, to Cool Off! We all need that. So take a Break and a Holiday! Whether You ‘like’ holidays or not, they are needed. A worn out engine can only be sold as junk. To keep it in condition, Servicing is needed. Time off the road.

      Also, You have written: ‘Writing is the only thing that keeps me sane.’ You have forgotten Vipassna and similar meditations, whichever You practice, my Dear. These are the Only things that can bring Us back to the Centre, and Keep us there.

      I end with Love and Regards. 🙂


      1. You do have a point. I have definitely not run out of ideas or words, but perhaps my brain does need a holiday.

        I should spend more time meditating. I used to all the time. Perhaps, I can work some meditation time into my chanting. Hmmm….. that might work out 🙂

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      2. My Dear, If You will allow me, let me point out that there seems to be a little too much of ‘All the time’ in Your life. I think the idea is to Vary. Have variety in life! Love and Regards again. 🙂


      3. May I also suggest, my Dear, that it is not ‘some’ Meditation. This has to be a Constant and Regular thing in Our life. Like Water intake, Exercise, Rest, Recreation, and the Brushing of Our teeth! Love. 🙂


  5. You make some powerful points however, the problem I think lies in asking evil to cast itself out. That won’t happen. Have you read Matthew 12:26. If Satan casts out Satan he is divided and fighting against himself.


    1. Your comment is not TOO clear!

      But in this day and age, I say that We have to keep our politicos in check, as also judges, etc, including challenging our religious leaders. Regards.


      1. Thank You for the comment and the query. Appreciated.

        I meant politicians when I wrote politicos. People think that casting a vote is enough for Democracy. And what happens is that those elected think that they are bosses, and that the People should serve them. Mass movements, as in Egypt and in Hongkong, would change them. This would all take time, of course! 🙂

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  6. There is a bye-law currently being pressed through London, to make begging or sleeping rough in the vicinity of St Paul’s Cathedral made illegal. And I recall a few years back in Edinburgh, Scotland, the vicar of St John’s Church in the city’s famous Princes Street pressed to city council to remove homeless people sleeping in the graveyard – in the run up to Christmas. When that happened, I sent a letter to a newspaper asking if he could recall the tale of one homeless couple, with the woman heavily pregnant, who eventually had to sleep in a farm building, where she gave birth.

    As an atheist, I have no problem with people believing what they want to believe. I may disagree with them, but that is their business, not mine, and I’m very pleased that I have Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Wiccan friends who respect my point of view, just as I respect theirs.

    What really irks me however, is the holier-than-thou, “do as I say not as I do”, hypocritical views of many religious readers. And as a former Baptist Christian, I merely laugh at this idea of different levels of sin. That is not supported by scripture at all, and I suggest Pope Frankie actually takes some time to read a Bible, then he may just discover that, according to scripture, sin is sin, with no criteria to define one sin from another.


    1. My Dear Xandra, Thank You for the comment. Appreciated.

      Your sharing about the vicar of St. John’s is precisely the thing about which I keep writing, and have tried to address in this article as well as in others. Thank You for sharing that. I know plenty of fellows like that.

      You are Right. I do not think they know of that Homeless couple.

      I will come to Your third paragraph. Who except for Christ was/is Free of Sin? In my personal life I am VERY conscious of my own sin, which is Anger. I am Deeply ashamed about it, I have begged the Lord’s and the People’s pardon again and again.

      Are Only the ‘HOLY’ to preach and teach? The one who is supposed to be perfect? Even in a family or social situation if Only the guiltless can speak, then Nobody can stand up for his neighbour.

      My article here concerns more that the religious leaders – whom the World accepts as teachers – Speak Out Vociferously for Justice, Compassion, Truth and Right.

      With Regards, Yesudas.


  7. You are calling for a conscious life. Where we make conscious decisions to do right, and to right our wrongs.
    There are professions where transgressions in one’s private life can bar a person from continuing in those careers. Not many, but some. Education, some political climates. But there does not seem to be enough in the way of consequences. A religious consequence would put right and wrong in a clear focus, for adherents, and it would require the Church to confront it’s own issues with staff, rather than merely reassigning them.
    I wish ethics and morality were taught as enthusiastically as basic math is, to all young children.


    1. My Dear Tkai, You are Right. Life lived Consciously, and with Full Awareness alone is Satisfying.

      And Yes, the church Should confront the issues. The problem is that is does not. Of course it has to confront and settle its own issues too.

      I like the way You have put it: ‘I wish ethics and morality were taught as ENTHUSIASTICALLY as basic math is.’

      If our religious leaders had learnt that properly as children And as adults – think of all those Years in the seminary! – they would be doing their job well.

      Regards and Love. 🙂

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