How I Managed my Heart ‘Condition!’

I have shared about my Heart Condition, of Problem proportions, and How I was coping with that. There have been developments in that too. I had been taking Allopathic medicines, which I changed to Homeopathic, as these would be more Bio-friendly. These reduced the pains measurably; but they would not go away, and at times I was having severe ones.

When I went for another check up to a speciality hospital in Trichy recently, I was advised an Angiogram. This would cost me rs. 13,000 I was told. When I hear such estimates, I always think 20 thousand. Next, my friends told me that it does not end with that, but that it would lead to Angioplasty and/or Bypass surgery. And for that, they told me, I better have about 2 Lakhs (200 thousand) ready. O Boy, when I cannot even manage 20 thousand! Haha.



This is what I did.

I paid attention to what I had heard these doctors say: “It is a matter of How We manage Stress.”

I had always thought that I was the Coolest of persons :), but when I got down to it, I knew that I got Irritated Very Easily.

1. I decided that I would Not get Irritated.

I have not succeeded 100% in this, of course, but I have made Significant changes in my Lifestyle. I am not the wisest of men, nor do I have too many People Skills, but I have effected some Goodly changes As I wanted to be True to my Decision.

The Second that was that I decided to Exercise. This was not so Simple. Walking even half a kilometre was producing pains of a Very unpleasant sort. Was I stumped!

2. I decided that I would walk a Minimum of 500 metres Every day.

Happily, I have been able to keep this up too. This also has produced some Very Good differences. Like, the Pains are Appreciably Less, I have More Energy, and I Feel like Walking even more, and I AM walking More! It is keeping my Heart in Condition! How did/do I manage to walk this distance, when such a small one was producing Bad pains in me? That I want to share in a Short, next post. To go there, please click here. …And, I have noticed that I get pains if I eat even a little extra. So,

3. I have decided to be Very Strict with the Amount of my Food.


All this is working. Have not had serious pains since I started all this. Considering my Output, more than 300 posts in about 225 days, I am doing Well. I have indeed ‘Managed’ my Heart Condition. So Can You!

Wish You All Love, Happiness and Peace.

5 thoughts on “How I Managed my Heart ‘Condition!’”

  1. Nice to hear you are doing well in this regard. You’re doing the right thing. You were wise to listen to that particular point in what the doctors said, about handling stress. Especially getting out and moving the body every day is among the best things you can do, in principally regarding any “condition”. The body is meant to be used, and daily exercise is definitely what it’s all about. Few things bring the mind and body better protection from stress-related illness. The first and the second point coincides the most, as they both lead to tangible stress-reduction. My personal weakness is the last point, that still arguably is related to how one handle stress. For some reason I have trouble being strict about how much I eat. (I use it as a means to regulate stress and anxiety) I have to work on that…


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