How to KEEP Exercising!

You know Writers put off writing till the last moment. I am one who would put off Exercising …Forever! But I have Overcome it. …This post could also be called:


These are Not for those Who are bed-ridden, or who have been Advised Bed Rest by the doctors.

People write about having done this workout and that, or that they are just going to start Yoga, and what not. …Being a Heart patient, I had reached a condition where I could not walk 500 metres without Pain. You can read how I Overcame the Heart problem here. Part of my method involved Exercise. In this post, I share with You just How I manage to Keep Exercising, Walking my Minimum of 500 metres, where that same distance used to give me serious pains.


Photo from Internet. …Please let me share that I do not agree to putting animals or birds in cages.


Within my compound, walking this way and that, I can walk about 35 metres at a stretch. Up and down that comes to 70. I decided to make at least 7 trips everyday. That would have made it the required 500 metres.

I had noted that walking at (what used to be) my Normal Pace was producing severe pains even within that distance. Hence, I walked it Very Slowly. Like, I took 24 minutes to cover that distance of half a kilometre! If I had walked at that speed outside the compound, I would have received peculiar looks.

The picture of the tiger is to show that Even Caged animals of this size, which are used to covering dozens of kilometres in a day, Keep themselves Fit, even in Cages. They achieve this by Pacing about. We can never complain that We lack the Time, the Equipment or the Space for Exercise. Remember the Tiger. If We decide to Exercise, We Can.

Even if I were in a 3 metre room, I would keep to this by Keeping Walking about for about 20 minutes or so, without going out.


TO THOSE WHO ARE VERY SICK: if You can Walk to Your Toilet, You Can Do This! You might decide to start with a mere 100 metres. Please Do that without Any Hesitation or Embarrassment.

Round this up with some GENTLE Stretches towards the Back and the Front, and towards the Sides. Next come a few Twists to the Sides. You can do all these Standing. GENTLE is the Keyword here. Ten to Twenty Seconds per movement is Ample.

Remember that You might feel Giddy while bending Backwards. Watch out for this.


I request You all to share this with those Friends who could be Very Sick like this. Please Do Share this VERBALLY with them!

5 thoughts on “How to KEEP Exercising!”

  1. This is very inspiring and thank you for sharing your experiences. It makes me think how we take walking for granted…Keep it up and take care of yourself! Love, Sibella

    P.S. I also don’t like caged animals or birds, I don’t like visiting Zoo it makes me sad…

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  2. It’s so much easier to keep exercising all along, rather than stop for years and then have to start again. I’m glad you’ve found a way, and are feeling better.


    1. Thank You, Charles! Don’t I know it! About having to ‘Restart!’ But am Sure I have Plenty of Company, in those who leave it off and would like to start again.

      And I hope my post gives suggestions as to How it CAN be done!



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