Exercise for KNEE Pain

Here is an Exercise for Knee Pain, that does requires No Gym or Equipment, and would take just 60 Seconds. This is Not for those with Injuries and such. Rather, it is for those to whom the Doctor says: “There is Nothing Wrong with Your…, etc!”

There can be Simple Reasons for Our Sicknesses. Like, Lack of the PROPER exercise. My Exercise will both Strengthen the requisite Muscles, particularly the Thighs, and Bring Flexibility to the Joint.

You can do these Exercises At ANY TIME. Only, Never do any E just after Meals. Always give a 2 hour break. It is Better Not to Fix a time for these, like in the morning, or something like that. If We Miss that Time, We Tend to Put it off for the Next day! Just Decide to Do it Everyday.


gochinesemedical.com The site proposes Acupuncture.

knee-pain-peculiar exercises

Knee Pain and Exercise

The solution, according to the site above, is going to require a Gym, with all those Mats and things, and Strong, Athletic Exercises.


Now, For Mine: Happy to have got so many pictures which show the BODY POSITION I want You to Assume. You can do my Exercises on Your Bed, and YOU CAN USE A PILLOW. Just get Comfortable, On Your Side.

These pictures and the sites address different Issues. Hence there is going to be Some Important Differences in the Doing.


Just Keep Your upper hand on the Hip.

BEND AND STRAIGHTEN A LEG 5, 10 or 20 times, GENTLY, BREATHING NORMALLY ALL THE WHILE. After a short break, turn to the other side and repeat with the Other Leg. Do Not Rush. Do Not Go for High Numbers. Don’t Tear a Muscle!

knee pain ex a


knee pain ex b


knee pain ex c



The Same Exercise could also be done Lying on Your Stomach, Lifting and Lowering the Leg. Remember, it is All GENTLY DONE, Breathing Normally.

knee pain ex d


People of the 30s and 40s seem to have Knee Pain these days. More Importantly, Sitting at the Computer 6 to 8 hours a day IS going to give You Knee pain! No movement of the Joint, is the Reason. …A PEA sized amount of Pain Creams/Balms will Greatly Improve the situation. But Please remember, the Ointments and Creams will bring You only Temporary Relief. Exercise in Needed for Lasting Well Being and Health. It would be Wise to Keep Doing the Exercise, Even when the Pain is Not there. …Await my Next set of Exercises, for BACK PAIN.

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