Love is the Answer?


People write lines like: ‘Love is all that matters,’ put that in a nice scene from somewhere, photoshop even that, and get 86808 likes. …No, I do not have doubts in the matter. Love IS the Answer. But the Question is, What do these fellows think Love IS?

  • Love is Risking Your Freedom to Fight for Your Fellow Man.
  • Love is Putting Your Life on the Line.
  • Love is Sweating Blood.
  • Love is Eating Your Heart Out.
  • Love is Giving Away at least 10% of Your Income, Regularly.
  • If These Kinds of things have Not been done, It Is Not Love.

fake love

Here is another one: “Waiting for you forever to stay in the waves of bliss.” These are the things they think is Love. This is Not just Sad, it is Stupid.

Love Does Not Exist in the Comfort Zone! 


A PICTURE OF NO-LOVE! Picture from Internet. This man is Not only Immersed, presumably in the TV, he is Not only a Couch Potato, he Bypasses his Child, and Toys with the Teddy! Wah!

Even while having Sex You have to Think of the Other. Otherwise You have Not Made Love! …Let us Strive for True Love.


11 thoughts on “Love is the Answer?”

  1. what is love? how do you define it. This was brilliant! It has me thinking now, and it stopped my mind, which usually does not happen, i am interested in your thoughts of what love is?


    1. Very Kind, Brother T, to have responded. It is also extremely encouraging! Thank You.

      To answer You in a few words, What You are doing is Love. Having been through Hell, (they are of various kinds, as far as the earthly ones are concerned!), You are devoting Your Time, Energy and Efforts to those affected by the same kind of ills.

      Congratulations, Kudos, and Blessings on You for this.

      You have given me ideas. I think I shall prepare a separate post on ‘What is Love?’

      Love and Regards.


  2. Love is always the answer, the starting point, journey and the destination. Love is to love and not expect anything in return, but love for the sake of Love that was placed in us by The Creator. The more we feed our Love the bigger it grows and wider it spreads and it touches more people.

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