Religious Leaders are Responsible

The complete title should have been: ‘Religious Leaders are Responsible for Values, and/or Changes in them.’


Now Stop me if You have heard this Joke:

A Really rich man comes to the Parish Priest and says: ‘Father, my Dog has died, and I want it buried in our Cemetery, complete with Mass, and all that.’

Father gives him a Cold look. He knows Mr. Bimbo is a big contributor to the church kitty, but there are limits! He removes his cigar from his mouth, and says: ‘Now look here, Bimbo, that is Not a Done thing.’

Bimbo says: ‘But, my Dear Father, Jimmy has been with me for the last 9 years. He was like a son to me.’

Father simply says: ‘Nothing doing.’

This goes on. But Bimbo did not become rich just like that. He knows how things work. Now He takes out His cigar from his mouth, and says: ‘Here, Father, is a small cheque for a Million Dollars, just for expenses, You know.’

Father pockets it and asks: ‘Bimbo, Just Why didn’t You tell me Earlier that Jimmy was Baptised?’

cath burial

Christ’s Teachings of Love could have been Inculcated into the Faithful by the Clergy if they themselves had known What Love is, and had Experienced it. But, from the pope down, Knowing neither Love, nor the Reality of the Happiness AND the Difficulties of Married life, they just let off their Flatulence once a week, and keep eating.

And what has happened?

  • People love Animals more than they love Humans.
  • People speak of Putting off Others if they are too Bothersome. So Okay, if I find a New Friend Problematic, Unhelpful or Worse, I can Unfriend him/her. People have come to think that they can do it with their Parents, Spouses, Children and Relatives.
  • Values have gone to the Mud.

Christ’s Teaching of: “Love one another as I have Loved You,” has become the modern: ‘Let us love if it is convenient.’

And People give Religion a Bad Name. No, Let us go and kick the so-called religious leaders. Let us not blame Religion.


Does it seem that I keep speaking against catholic leadership? Of course I do. I believe that We have to Clean up Our Own Stables.

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