Seems it is Better to be a Dog, or a Cat!

Let us say somebody takes his Cat or Dog, or who knows, Ass, to the Vet for a routine checkup. And the Wise man says: “Prepare yourself. your animal has only a few weeks to live. Now pay up 50 dollars.”

They pay up the money without a second thought. But that is Not the point. They drop everything they are doing to BE with the precious creature, who has been with them for 8 years, or 9 or 10 or 11, as the case may be. They take Leave from their Jobs to Cook and Care for it. They even send off their Wives and Children to Timbuktu, as they would be a Hinderance and a Bother.

Then they sit down at their computer, typing One-handedly, (One hand on the animal’s head, see?), Very Broken down, as their animal says, “What a Loving Master I have!” They write 50-page Odes and Paeans to the Animal; tear it up, (You can’t do it on the comp, of course, …figuratively), and phone up Shakespeare to complete the Job.

Because You see, it was the animal which had brought them up, wiped their butts and sent them to college and prepared them for life and livelihood. Their Parents? Oh, they had just been a Bother.

abandoned old woman

Photo from Internet.

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