What is Love?!

We might call something Beautiful. But What is Beauty? Similarly, We Love, and Most of Us have Experienced Love. But What is Love?


  • Is Hugging and Kissing Love? How do I hug and kiss my Friend, my Grown-up Son, my Neighbour, and So many others?
  • Is Giving Gifts Love? With so many meaningless gifts given, and so many given just for one’s personal gain?
  • How do You Love Your Enemy? Christ wanted Us to do that.
  • How does a Paraplegic Love? And How do You Love Your Departed Relative?

…This is How I Describe Love:


If I Wish You Well, I Love You, if Not, I don’t. You may be Abroad, I might not even have seen You, but with this above Idea, We see that We can Love Everybody.

Supposing somebody has done me Harm. If I can Wish him Well, it is Love. I may still have to file a Complaint against him, maybe take him to Court, I may have to Control him, become Strict and even Hard with him, but… Love is Wishing the Other Well.

Love does not mean that We accept Everybody as our Friend! Love does not mean that We cannot Fight for Justice. Imagine that somebody is trying to grab Your Land. This happens often enough, at least in India. Is it even possible to give up what is Yours? Where are We going to Stay? How are We going to Live? So, We can even fight for what is Ours, Without Rancour in our Heart, and We would be Loving.

We might have been Hating somebody who has Expired. Let us Wish them Well. The Soul, after all, is Indestructible!

But This Wish Should come from the Heart, Should be Truthful, and Earnest. We cannot just mouth the Words, Wink, and say, ‘Lord, Let him have it!’

Winking Boy

Unless You have Lost All Your Faculties, It would Not be Enough to Merely ‘Wish’ that. You have to Put it into Action To the Best of Your Ability. Our ‘word’ will not be taken for that. After all, Most of Us Believe that there is a Supreme Being Who Watches All.


Self love is NO Love. In All languages, Selfishness is a Bad word; but MOST people forget this! For this post, I shall present Only One picture, and that of No Love!

Abandon unwholesome views for Nibbana or Abandon Your fly Q

Picture from Internet.

This man is going off in search of peace or something, ‘Abandoning All Unwholesome Views,’ as had been advised in the Caption!

Very Convenient for him, is it not? He is never going to lack for Food, (Sannyasis Never lack for Food!).

But his Wife has, – First of All, to Defend herself from those who would like to have her Body, and Think of Ways and Means of Caring for those Small Children, and Earn, at the Same time.

I Wonder just How people even give this sort of advice, ‘Abandoning All Unwholesome Views,’ I mean!


What is this Wishing one Well? We Wish the Person Happiness and Peace, and All Good things. This does not mean something as silly as Gifting All our things away to them. Most People believe in Hell, an Unending Suffering. If We Do Not Want that for Any Person, then We Love. But let us Remember, Love is Not Words.

So, according to my Description, even a Paraplegic can Love, and We can Love even Our Enemies. Loving one does not mean We make him/her Our Friend! Drug Barons and Rapists will not be my Friends. But I Do wish them Well.

[ PS: What would wishing such personifications of evil as Drug Lords, Rapists and Acid Throwers mean? Do I mean that they carry on their merry way, Not getting Caught? Is this what I mean by Wishing them Well? NO.

Wishing such people Well would mean that they may Co-Operate with the Graces that they are given, and Live in Such a Way that would bring them, and Others, Happiness. Wishing these Well would mean that they may get some more chances.Love towards these would NOT be worried if they get the Harshest punishments.]

Let us Put these Ideas into Practice. And We shall find that the More We Love, the Happier We Become! Here’s to Happy Times.

And I Wish All of You the Very Best! 🙂


  1. Yes, love is an action! An empty ‘I love you’ doesn’t mean anything unless shown in action – caring, listening, helping, giving time, giving of one’s heart and soul

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  2. Love means to ‘Do no harm’ . Oh no, that was the Hippocratic oath.
    Actually, there are so many classifications of Love, that you need a definition for every one.

    Like, Mother’s love = selfless, a Lover’s love = hope+ desire+ anxiety + fantasy, a child’s love = guileless. and so on.

    btw, ur pic of selfish love fits in with Gautam Buddha did, doesn’t it?


    • First of all, my Dear, my post showed the essence and the basis of all love: Wishing the Other Well. …When You write, a Mother’s love = Selfless, does it mean other ‘loves’ can be selfish? As I have said, even an Iota of selfishness is NO love. …The anxiety and all in what You call a ‘lover’s love,’ is not part of Love, which is a ACT. It is part of their feelings, mainly for themselves. And You know what that is.

      The picture would fit Many. In the olden days, People went into the Vaanprast Ashram After they had seen to the Various ‘Ryns.’ Many take up pleasures, without wanting to live up to the Responsibilities that come with them. Et al. 🙂


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