Is Gaza Serious about Peace?

This time, I am not asking if Hamas is serious about this; rather, downright, Is Gaza really serious about Peace?

  • Hamas accepts the SAME terms NOW which it had rejected a month ago. Are they just plain Mad? Thousands of Lives could have been Saved if they done this a month earlier.
  • They celebrate declaration of Ceasefire with GUNFIRE from SOPHISTICATED WEAPONS! One small search in google under ‘Gaza celebrates ceasefire’ gives this image as the first one. And saw plenty of this on TV too. And 14 year-olds firing them.
  • If GAZA were Serious about Peace, the govt would have Controlled Automatic Weapons, as they do in India.


Just What do they think they are going to do with these Automatic rifles? The administration in GAZA did not, Could not and Would not Oust and Expel Terrorist elements. All this shows that they are Just Not Serious about Peace.

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