criminal ministers and the courts of India

It is said that a Lot of people accused of criminal activities, to the extent of Murder and Rape, have become ministers of India. One would have expected that the courts would have kept a watch over these things, and cleared up the matter. But this is how the courts proceeded:

Just a few days ago, the supreme court had said: “Constitution ‘Suggests’ that criminal elements Not be allowed as ministers, or words to the effect. Now pay attention, Folks: SUGGESTS. I thought whatever is in the Constitution HAS to be carried out.

court drama

Picture from Facebook

And these are some of the ministers about whom We are talking. Of course, there is the small distinction as people against whom criminal cases could be booked at all.

amit shah

 This is amit shaw, modi’s right hand man. Picture from Internet.




The supreme court further said that it leaves appointment of criminal ministers to the ‘wisdom’ of the prime minister.

So the prime minister is going to the new authority who will decide whether people with criminal records can or cannot be appointed as ministers? Then what need for courts? The courts, already working Just Six months in a year, seem to want more Rest. Poor fellows. I recommend that they be allowed that. Working So Hard, and all.

For a small insight into narendra modi, please click here.

All this Just shows the courts are using a lot of words, SAYING A LOT of things, and DOING NOTHING.

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