News, and No-News!

Floods have ravaged Uttarakhand. Very Sad, of course. And that is News. Floods ravage the  North-East of India, on a regular basis, Year by Year. 12 Lakhs of People, that is 1.2 Million, have been affected this year. But this is No-News. Not in the same way the Uttarakhand one gets treated.

assam floods



The Last I heard, some 191,000 people have been rendered Homeless by the Violence in syria. gaza’s count is 50,000, it seems. I present these as examples. We know that there are Many More instances of such Horror. It is good that they become News, so that We and the World would keep their Misery in Mind, and try to Do something about it.

On the Other hand, some 20,000 people were ousted from their homes, and do not dare to go back, fearing Violence, right here in India. That happened in KANDHAMAL, in Udisha. It has its own write up in Wikipedia! But, this is treated as No-News.

kandhamal girl

The caption of this picture in Wikipedia  says: ‘A Christian girl who was burned during religious violence in Odisha in 2008.’

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