politicos, their poor security-men, and the media


News: Indian prime minister modi chides his security guard. The poor man had unknowingly come between modi and the TV cameras! Reference at bottom.

modi chides guard


I really had not expected nor hoped to see a picture of this sort in my search for modi and his security-men. Am not sure if this is the photo of the event in the news. modi’s Ire is Clearly captured. As is the Mortification on the face of the Poor security man. Let Us also Note the Absolute Glee on the faces of the four politicos to modi’s left, at his discomfiture. Security personnel put their Very Lives on the line for politicos, and are Not even treated with Dignity by them. I do wonder just Why They Continue at their jobs.


Miserable are We, Peoples, who just Need to See pictures of the so called Celebrities Every day. It seems as if without seeing their pictures, We cannot be Happy, or maybe Our Food will not Digest.

And Miserable are politicians, who got a full 80% of the votes, and YET feel that they Have to Remain in the Limelight. But they Know that if they do not Do that, People will just forget them!

modi politico n cameras

I Wonder, I do, as to Why So Many People want to capture a picture of politicos and such. Some animal instinct, I suppose. politicos At-All-Costs Want their pictures to be taken, and the security has to protect them in situations like these! Picture from: www.rediff.com

People are Really Cattle, goodly Sheep of George Orwell. They do not vote for Issues or Values, but for ‘Faces they Know!’ Which is Why Sachin Tendulkar, the Cricketer, got elected as minister. That is Why India has So many Sportspeople and Cine Stars as ministers!



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