Hello, you old friend!

A Wow Post!
Am taking slight liberties in presenting to You some ‘edited’ quotes. But they do not change the meaning.
“Wouldn’t you rather live? You stumble out at dawn and stumble in past dusk.”
“What have they done to you? Where’s your innocence? Where’s your faith and trust? Where are your dreams?”

Impractical Dreamer

‘’Hello, old friend. You failed me.’’ 

She perched on the edge of the window. Fragile, petite. Huge eyes fenced by  inch-long eyelashes. Hauntingly familiar.  baby-in-big-cup

I reached to pat her fluffy cheeks, but she dodged it with a lithe ballerina twist, “You promised to teach me dance. You never did.”

I sighed, ‘Kiddo, I tried. We completed 3 levels, remember? “

“But not all 7 levels.”

“You know Life – exams, peer pressure, cut throat competition, corporate world. The innumerable whirlpools that suck one down – Stress, worry, hurry, deadlines, projects. Priorities change.”

She stifled a giggle, “Life has you dancing to its deadlines,” Then she sobered down, “You do know that your Life has its deadline in Death, don’t you?” 

I winced and shifted positions. My knee joints creaked alarmingly.

“You sound like Grandpa’s knees. You … are old.” she observed.

“Gymnasium knees. I’m not old. I am mature.” I…

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