In-Sincere Efforts

Our Forefathers used the open as their toilets. But as We have ‘progressed’ to Electricity, Buses, Trains and the Computer, it is High Time that We changed the above mentioned habit. It is a question of Hygiene, as well as one of Dignity, particularly for Women! In our village of Thanneerpalli, Our ‘govt’ school had No toilet for Girls for ages. Its addition is a recent development.

Indian administration has once again come up with an Effort and a scheme, viz, a Toilet for Every House. Under modi’s regime, work on this has already started. I dare to call this In-Sincere.

ALL High Sounding and Great Sounding programmes, from Bullet Trains to the Lowly Toilet, are just Ways and Means for those in govt, and those Employed by the govt, to Make Money. In the case of these Toilets, too, the govt records would show that Every blasted house received one, whereas Not even Half would have got it. Secondly, LOW Quality work would take place. More Profits.

toilets of govt

I would have liked to ‘Crop’ the image, but left it as it was. Let us Note the Miserable building around it, the Slanting Electric Pole, and a ‘glorified toilet,’ which almost looks like a house worthy of a deity. But, No Electricity there, Nor, More Importantly, Water! Haha. In No time it would be Stinking, as Indians Do Not Know How to use these things, and Care Less about Cleaning it behind them for Others.

Schemes like these had been implemented in Tamil Nadu long ago. I do not think it was during jaya’s time. She spends more time with Elephants. The toilets built in Tamil Nadu are used to Store Firewood, while people Continue to Go to the ‘Open.’ TN is one of the Dirtiest in this regard. (They continue these practices when they go to places like Kerala, where they get a Bad Name).

Needed: Water facilities for these toilets, and, More Important than that, Educating the Public TO Use them, and Insisting that they do so. A few Solid Inputs from the Village Heads would do the trick. If these could be persuaded to make the effort.

In the Absence of Such Sincere Efforts, people will continue to think that the administration has done great things for them, and continue to Get Fooled. As in the case of the Forest department, which planted Millions of Eucalyptus saplings, instead of Good trees, simply because these grow without much care, and as cattle would not eat them. As also the rs. 1,000 Pension scheme, which Just Half the People receive, and which Mysteriously Stops reaching even those hands after a few Months. As I said, In-Sincere Efforts on the part of the administration.

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