On Change!

We hear people say: ‘Change is constant, it is Inevitable,’ and all that. Is it?

Yes, the Sun is getting Colder. Our Body Cells are dying, to be replaced with new ones. In things like these, Change is both Inevitable and Constant.

But, as Human Beings, is That the Change that We talk about? The Difference that We Desire?

  • Will there Ever be Peace in the World?
  • Can We Even Dream of a Time when People would Care for One Another, and Live as Concerned, Responsible Citizens?

Are not these the Subjects in which We want Change? Yes.

Next, Will these Transformations happen Automatically, Inevitably? First of all, Have they happened? In All these Centuries?

  • Does Everybody who Enters School Automatically pass on, to become Einsteins?
  • Does Everybody who Enters the Track Events Inevitably finish as Usain Bolt?

Are not those two questions enough to show Us that the kind of Transitions We want will Not Inevitably happen?


Christ’s First words were: “Repent,” (Mark 1:15). Repentance is Not just Saying or being Sorry. A Change in One’s Thinking and Behaviour Has to take place. Or else it is No Repentance.

Buddha said: “Advancement is like Striving Up a Slippery Path. Unless You are Striving Continuously, You will Slip Back,” or words to that effect.

buddha's Slippery-Slope a

Imagine what would happen if these gents just stood there on the slope! Graphic: www.beecroftrugby.com


Cannot these Changes be brought about by Law? Or Lawsuits? …Let us take the constitutions of India and the US. Can We find Fault with them? Are they Not Good Laws? But did they Help? …Question Answered.

A change for the worse is also a change! But that is Not what We had been talking about. Let Us use the word ‘Improvement’ now. For this, All Striving has to be Voluntary, Unforced. Again, for this, Mankind has to be Made to Realize the Need for Betterment, and Motivated to Work for it.

And that, my Dear Friends, is the Work of Religious Leaders.


  1. This is beautiful and brilliant. Wow. You really know your stuff. This is true. Alll of ut, the picture is a wonderful visual for me , that is how I learn best. You are teaching me alot. I love how you say it has to be voluntary. Changing from calling it change to improvement. Love this. I think this is my favorite post of yours though they are all wonderful this one is really hitting home with me thank you

    Liked by 1 person

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