On Teacher’s Day, and modi


On the 5th of September, We celebrate Teacher‘s day in India. On this day I take this Opportunity to pay my Respects to my Own. They are too Numerous to mention, but I recall the contribution of my Parents, my late Bishop George Saupin, and many Priests.

These days, Schools, particularly the private kind, have become Money-making factories. But while the management Mints money, these teachers are paid a pittance. Not so the govt teachers. They get as much as elephant poop, and deliver as little as a Mosquito’s.

India’s prime minister modi would have done well to address these, govt teachers, on their Responsibility to the Nation itself, in which they are failing. Instead, he has decided to give a two-hour long speech in Hindi to Students all across the Country. What else is this except an attempt to spread ideology? 

modi teacher's day

Agli Baar‘ is Hindi, meaning, the Next time. The bjp and modi had wanted India to give them the chance to form the govt, during their pre poll campaign, using these words as a catch phrase. I made a jest on this on twitter, writing to Manjul, the artist of this cartoon, saying that the Student would certainly learn that Ugliness, even of the Moral kind, is No Bar for offices!

modi’s speech is going to be given, Conveniently For him, After School Hours. And today being a Holiday in All schools in India, Students would have to turn up Just for that. And he has dared to call this an ‘Interaction!’ This should go into the Guinness books. One man ‘Interacting’ with TENS OF MILLIONS of Students at one go, in a Language that MANY of them (40%?) do not Understand, which language cannot be really and effectively Translated even by the Teachers themselves.

And this is How it is going to be: Schools which do not make arrangements for this, and do not see to Good Student Turnout for this, expect problems when You go for Your next License or whatever. Students who do not turn up for these, particularly those in higher classes, Note Your Names being Noted-Down! All One Glorious Democracy.

Anyway, Happy Teachers Day, modi! 🙂


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