My Novel

My Dear Folks, Had Long thought of writing a Novel. It was Not just for Novelty’s sake! What I am working on, (Alas, it IS work!), is somewhat on the lines of ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,’ though more Easy to Read!

It would be a mixture of Reality and Fantasy, Philosophy and Action, and Dreams and Day-Dreams! It would be left to the Reader to separate them if One so Wished! And One thing: It’s Style would Surprise Many Indeed!

My Body and Mind are telling me that It is No Use my having 24 hours in the day. I can work only for a Few of them. …Had been publishing on my Blog at the rate of about 40 posts a month. Shall have to reduce that. Regards.


  1. Congratulations Yesudas! You are correct that it is probably not going to be possible to publish 40 posts a month if you’re going to dive into the novel. I look forward to hearing about your progress. Peace and Blessings, Kalisha


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