I Die A Thousand Deaths Each Day!

I hate even the idea of War. But.

I appreciate what the present govt in India is trying to do, if I read its motives right. modi made overtures of friendship to all our neighbours. Yet possibly, pakistan, china and lanka, all seem to be trying the patience of India. And there are plenty in the country who want modi to ‘teach’ pakistan and china lessons. But the present govt is saying: ‘Friends might change, but Neighbours do not,’ and is seeking peaceful negotiations.

But in the case of ISIS and similar organizations. I really wonder what my fellow readers would suggest. Whatever might lie in the past, are these organizations open to any sort of negotiations? Except the flat acceptance of their demands?

So let us go one step further and see what the Future possibilities are, instead of just speaking of the past.



When will you stop killing me?
I die a thousand deaths each day.
You kill me over and over again,
and then another me, you slay.

We are all just one big family
but you don’t see me in that way.
You point your weapon at my chest
as though I’m just some hunted prey.

The blood that flows from me,
also pulses through your veins.
And as another me lies dying,
a thousand more of me remains.

So, kill each and every one of me.
And when you’re the last me left to stand,
then the killing will finally end,
when you die by your own hand.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

What difference does it make in the name that we give the latest excuse for war? There will always be a ‘group’ of people that will be perceived as evil incarnate and therefore…

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One comment

  1. My whole idea in reblogging this had been to show that there are No simplistic answers. We can praise the author as she is one of those who Mourns, and as such, Blessed.

    Does it matter that the US, before and after leaving Iraq, had trained and armed some of them to take care of themselves, and that some of them in turn, are using those same arms and training to have become the ISIS?

    Our question today is: What do We do Now? Sit back and let them Kill whom they will? Are We Naive enough to think that they would stop at that? One bramhall says that these terrorists are figments of Imagination, or some such. Perhaps she would say the same about HITLER too. Armchair philosophers.

    As I wrote in Shelby’s blog in the comments, and as I have written elsewhere, earlier, IF I SEE A MAD DOG, THE ONLY WAY TO PROTECT MINE AND MYSELF, IS TO SHOOT IT.


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