I Heartily Recommend this Book

People become Homeless because of Many reasons. In India, such People are Looked Down Upon, or More Often Ignored, etc. Whereas it seems that in the West they are even subjected to Violence. That much about the Situation.

Many People at Many times have set forth to help the Helpless. Through the blogs, I have come to know of DENNIS CARDIFF, who is a Writer and an Author, and gives of his time, energy and money to take care of these Have-nots. I have also come to know of his Book: GOTTA FIND A HOME.

gotta find a home

Image: Screen capture from his site. Reference below. Mr. Cardiff, besides spending out of his own pocket to help out in various ways, has written:

‘All profits will be used to support those forced onto the streets and the Ottawa Innercity Ministries, Street Outreach Program.’

Here seems to be a Programme where the Help one gives Reaches those for Whom it is Intended.

It would be very good if You would Buy this Book, or Donate, as You Wish. Here is the reference to his site:



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