Liquor Flows, Rivers run Dry, and Other things


This is More particularly about the situation in Tamil Nadu in India. Supposed to be one of the more advanced ones, We see how Impressions can be Very Wrong.

And here, a collection of tweets on the subject:

  • Under jayalalitha, current CM of Tamil Nadu, the land has turned into a Sea of Liquor, often supplied from her factories!
  • jayalalitha has also, very successfully, mined away all the sand from the Rivers, so that Water rushes away to Sea without seeping in.
  • More accomplishment by jaya! THORIUM stolen away from Beaches! Where? To Whom? When Thorium is NUCLEAR MATERIAL?
  • In all this theft, the central govt, the courts, AND THE PEOPLE, SLEEP. Future Generations will Cry. 😦

thorium theftGraphic: From Facebook


  1. […] குடிகாரனுக்கு குடிச்சே ஆகணும். வீடு பத்திக்கிட்டு இருந்தாலும் சரி, பொஞ்சாதி புள்ள காய்ச்சலா கிடந்தாலும் சரி. அவனுக்கு பழக்க பிரகாரம் குடிச்சே ஆகணும். […]


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