Peace? …War?

  • The Problem is that Peace is thought as Doing Nothing.
  • Peace is neither My Daughter, Nor Anybody’s Daughter, getting Raped or even Molested.
  • Peace is My Land not getting Encroached, and the same for my Neighbour: Red Indian, Gaza, Israel, Ukraine or anywhere.
  • For the above, if the Aggressor needs his Ass Kicked, I will do it, even if the world calls it War.
  • I would have liked Albert Einstein, or the Buddha, try their hand at making the ISIS ‘Understand,’ and Not behead.
  • Let us Remember that the Sanctimonious world cries Foul ONLY when Its Own ass is in danger.
  • Thus, War, started by hitler or anybody for his own benefit, Wrong. Battling to Help Our my Neighbour, Right and even Necessary.


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thepublicblogger ‏@ThePublicBloggr Sep 26
@babayesudas CHOOSE war OR CHOOSE Peace since you can’t choose both


War and Peace. Very Complex Issues. War is Never to be Welcomed. But at times it cannot be Shirked.

India has Time to Dialogue with China and Pakistan. But are ISIS and orgs like that, giving even the time? Have the Openness?

3 thoughts on “Peace? …War?”

  1. I hate politics but I know the way of peace can’t be built without politics… So, then I begin to think, what is the wrong for reaching to peace or where is the wrong on this way… No comment more 🙂
    By the way, life is based on these things, death & life, happiness & sorrow, beauty & ugly, poor & rich, light & dark and peace & war,….etc.
    Thanks and Love, nia


    1. Thank You for that comment, my Dear Nia. But politics is Not ‘the way of peace.’ It is the method of governance, administration.


      But as You have mentioned, there is the ‘dark,’ the ugly, the bad and the violent. These HAVE to be contained and controlled.

      As the Arab proverb says: ‘Believe in God, but tie the camel’s leg.’

      Mad dogs have to be shot.

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