On Hair…

Don’t Shave 60 days, then look at Your face



Or Don’t Comb Your Hair, See-if-You-Don’t get a Scare

matted hair


These things You do Daily, Your Shaving and Combing

Your Cooking, Your Washing, Your Facebook and Your Texting

bus burnt j's jailing 270914

[One of Many Buses Burnt by jayalalitha’s cadre, upon her getting jailed for corruption, on 27.09.14. Image from Facebook]

You think Tom, Dick and Harry, Will Solve th’above for You

Think Up Good Answers; Your Children’ll Question YOU

Open Your Mouth Now, Don’t Leave it to Your Children

The More evil gets Roots, the More Diff’ to Uproot.


[jayalalitha was the Chief minister of Tamil Nadu. Within 5 years, her assets jumped from 30 million to more than 660 million, and not by Stock Exchange! …She has not yet been questioned for Denuding TN Rivers of their Sand, nor for the Disappearance of Millions of Tons of THORIUM from TN’s beaches.]

4 thoughts on “On Hair…”

  1. this is great. I love how you say the more evil gfets rooted the more difdficult it is to uproot. that is completley true. Ghandi said if we want to change the world, we must start with the children

    why do we havesuperheros that punch and kick and scream, but do not love. what are we teaching our childrn with these cartoons

    it bothers me.
    this is very good

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    1. Thank You, my Dear T, for the comment. Appreciated. Yes, as We should educate the coming generations more carefully. It is going in a very bad way just now.

      But in the meantime, I find that people post things that have almost NO connection to social issues, to the future of their own children. The people of this generation have to take steps socially.


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