Unconfirmed reports say Yesudas is Mad!


Was watching a programme called ‘Satyameva Jayate,’ (Truth Alone Wins), over the TV, hosted by Indian Cinema Star and Social Activist Aamir Khan. This is aired every Sunday at 11 AM IST, over the Star Plus channel. Worth Watching.

During that I heard that one ‘suresh kalmadi,’ a ‘minister’ of India, (read politico), had ‘spent’ Rs. 996 Crores (9960 million) in ‘renovating’ a stadium in Delhi for the Commonwealth Games, 2010. Whereas, a New Cricket stadium of comparable size and facilities costs just 120 Crores. One for the price of Eight!

suresh kalmadi cwg 2010

Cartoon on kalmadi, with cwg mascot at left: favelissues.com


So many new schemes get announced, like a Minimum of 100 days work for everybody, pensions for the handicapped and the old, etc. Corruption galore! These schemes reach about Half the populace (100% in the paper-work!), and even many of these recipients find that they are cheated of that after about 6 months or so. Pension sums reaching the post offices are put in the bank for short term deposits, and paid at about the end of the month, and behold, cash  without much work!

I Regularly get to meet such Poor People. So what I write above is First hand account.

These poor People belong to all Religions. After Sunday Mass, You will find that people get together according to ‘Income groups’ for some chat, before going home. Most of the time the Well-to-do, even Christians, would not even Know of the Plight of the Poor, who might be working in their own houses as maids, etc. Is this Christian life?


Anyway, According to the Latest News, Unconfirmed Reports say that Yesudas has gone Mad. People find his writings too Hard, too Hot, Whatnot.



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