Emotional Abuse is Real

Emotional Abuse is Not only Real, it is pervasive. Psychology tells Us that 90% of Us, if not 99, are living ‘Lives of Quiet Desperation.’ We can Safely say that 80% of Us suffer from Emotional Abuse, considering that the Abuser had been victim to it, or still is.

Nicie writes Well on the Subject. I have almost Retired from this Ministry! I Heartily recommend Nicie’s post. Regards All.

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Emotional abuse doesn’t leave physical bruises or scars, but it sure leaves deep and painful wounds.


Anyone that is a victim of chronic emotional abuse knows it injures a person’s mental health, confidence and self-esteem. And much like physical abuse, the abuser wants power and control and often seeks to intimidate, demean and degrade their victim.

Emotional abuse is not thought to be as serious as physical violence. Therefore, emotional abuse is often marginalized, especially by the abuser. “It’s not like I am hitting you.” But in some ways emotional abuse can be more maddening because the scars are real and long lasting even though the rest of the world cannot see them. The victim experiences the same depression, anxiousness and fear that a victim of physical abuse experiences. And many times the abuser is in as much pain as the victim, only they don’t realize it. It often comes…

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